Baghdad Bombing: Death Toll From ISIS Attack Rises To Nearly 300

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10 Dead After Suicide Attack In Baghdad

The death toll from a devastating ISIS truck bomb in Baghdad has risen to 292, with over 200 persons injured, Iraqi officials said on Thursday.

Victims' families put up posters with details of their funerals at the site of the bombing
Victims’ families put up posters with details of their funerals at the site of the bombing; AFP

The spokesman for the Iraqi Ministry of Health, Ahmed Al-Redaini, revealed that about 292 persons were killed, in a coordinated attack, which targeted a shopping complex in the mainly Shia Muslim Karrada district.

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On Sunday, an explosives-laden lorry blew up outside a crowded, three-storey shopping centre where people had been enjoying a night out after breaking their daily fast for the Islamic holy month of Ramadan.

A statement from the country’s health ministry said DNA testing was being carried out to help identify the remains of 177 victims, so they could be returned to their families.

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This is just as 115 victims had been returned to their loved ones so far, the statement said.

The latest death toll is coming against the backdrop of 250, which was announced by the ministry on Tuesday.

The jihadist group Islamic State (ISIS) has said it was behind the bombing, the deadliest in the country since the 2003 US-led invasion.

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ISIS had called for its supporters to strike during the Muslim holy month, resulting in a string of deadly attacks linked to the terror group around the world, from the United States to Turkey, Bangladesh and France.



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