The Azealia Banks Facebook Page Is Serving Clap Backs And Obnoxious Facts

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Azealia Banks is sitting all-too-proudly on her throne as “the most widely criticized and widely ignored artist of all time” but she doesn’t mind.

She has more than enough time to respond to anyone who has something nasty to say abouther, just as she called a Facebook user a “maggot”, and asked one to stop reading her posts if he had a problem with it.

Facebook user by the name Todd called her a bitch.

He said, “But you also just seem like a bitch. And I think you got something that you can’t handle…” 

At which Azealia Banks replied, “You see how readily a man will call you a bitch. Now if I call you a maggot, then the whole world loses its mind.

Trust me, I’m not a bitch, I’m sick of white men (regardless of sexual orientation) having the privilege to be as nasty and rude as they want to women.

Then running and hiding behind the GLAAD tablecloth when shit gets real.”

Clap back..

azelia banksazealia banks

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She also shared FUN FACTS which one might assume are obnoxious, but again, she’s Azaelia Banks, she says what she wants.
FUN FACT: Up against the likes of incredibly talented and established actresses like Keke Palmer and Teyana Taylor, Azealia Banks was cast as the lead character in upcoming Lionsgate release titled “Coco,” after only one audition.
Directed by RZA (originally of Wu-Tang Clan), the feature film is set for release in April 2017.
Filmed entirely in NYC, The star-studded cast includes a most queenly and regal, Jill Scott, as well as uber-charismatic rap legend, Common.
FUN FACT: Azealia Banks created her own genre of music called “Witch-Hop.”
Coined by the success of 2012’s Fantasea Mixtape, Azealia considers her music to be inspired by the invisible world.
3 days after “Witch-Hop” was declared by Azealia Banks to be a legitimate genre, Lady Gaga (also a fan of Azealia Banks) suspiciously titled her then upcoming studio album, “Artpop.”
Some users observed she was overreaching.


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