Asap Rocky Shoots Himself In The Foot By Saying Bill Cosby Is Innocent

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ASAP Rocky ignorantly said Bill Cosby was innocent as he hadn’t been proven guilty when Bill Cosby had already admitted to having sexual encounters with teenagers.

On The Breakfast Club with Charlamagne Tha God, Wednesday (July, 20) ASAP Rocky tried relating leaving a positive legacy and how it can be usurped by a bad deed just like Bill Cosby.  ASAP didn’t cross-check his information or read on the subject.

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He told Charlamagne, “I wanna start by encouraging everybody to think as individuals, like we said prior, like, you just read a quick little article and it’s, like, my whole legacy I could do things and it’s just like with Bill Cosby.”

asap rocky
ASAP Rocky said Bill Cosby is innocent

Rocky continued, “He did so much positive things leading up to one thing, which he was convicted of being innocent for, by the way. People don’t even speak about that, You get what I’m saying? All you remember is the 56 women and all that kind of shit.”

Charlamagne reminded him, “That’s a lot of women,” at which ASAP responded, “Yeah, but he’s a powerful man, you know what I’m saying? Look, I’m not his lawyer, but I do know he’s innocent. In the eyes of the law, they said he’s innocent.”

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Asap Rocky says All Lives Matter

Moving on to the topic of Black Lives Matter, ASAP Rocky said he did not support the idea of Black Lives Matter only being important when police officers are shooting civilians, adding that “all lives matter.”

He said, “ I hate when the bandwagon stuff start. I mean, how come, you know, black lives only matter when a police take ’em, when a police officer takes it?

And it should be like, black lives, it should matter when a black life take it. You know what I mean? It should always matter. All lives matter!”

As much as one might disagree with what he said, ASAP Rocky has a point on the Black Lives Matter.

The movement shouldn’t only be raised when a police officer kills a black person but ignored when a black person is killed by one of their own.

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