AKA Fesses Up On Relationship With Bonang Matheba – “I Have Someone In My Life Who I Adore”

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AKA was a guest on the Sway In The Morning show in the United States where he opened up about his love life with his bae, Bonang Matheba. 

During the chit-chat of the show, Sway, host of one of America’s most popular hip-hop shows, asked the rap sensation if he was involved with anyone and AKA replied unabashedly that he’s not only taken, but he’s taken by someone who adores him just as much as he adores her… if not more.

AKA said, “I have someone in my life that treats me very well and who I adore.”

AKA and Bonang Matheba are living the loved up life

After crossing the initial shyness stage, the father-of-one was ready to squeeze more juice about his love life as he continued, “Basically, we had known each other for a couple of years and I was in a relationship, some things happened, and now we are together. She had always known that I kind of dug her.”

He revealed they were the classic girl likes boy, boy likes girl but both being in the limelight and him being a sexy baby daddy can cause certain controversies which could hinder how far a relationship in the public eyes went.

Still, they got their shit together and decided to make it work. You only live once, right?

AKA and Bonang Matheba with Akon and Will.I.Am

“I liked her and she liked me and there was a lot of controversy back home with both of us being public figures and me being in a relationship at the time but you know what, I have apologized for my mistakes,” the rapper added.

In conclusion, AKA said, “You only have one life to live and if you love someone and you feel it and you really want to give it a go, you should take a shot man. If you got a shot, you gotta shoot it. At the end of the day, it’s your life. People get hurt in love but I’m not the first man to do this.”

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Meanwhile, AKA’s baby mama, DJ Zinhle said during an interview in mid-June this year that if AKA and Bonang decide to get married, he had her blessing as he knew what was best for their son. She said, “Listen, Kiernan knows what’s best for Kairo and if he thinks she’s what’s best for Kairo, then me and Bonang are having tea.”

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