#AFWN2016: Tinnah Styling and Elegante Kids (Day 3)

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For the AFWN 2016 final fashion show, it was Tinnah Styling and Elegante kids by Toyin Lawani. It was a spectacular and celebrity-studded catwalk.

Celebrities and socialites included Florence Itagiwa, Annie Idibia , Kaffy, L.A.X, Denrele Edun, Iyabo Ojo and many more, who were paired with kids to walk down the runway. Some of them came with their children and others were paired up.

This collection had everything going on from bridal looks to casualwear. Toyin Lawani put in a great show for everyone. Her catwalk was the longest and the most versatile collection. There was something for everyone.

For the collection, most of the female looks where two way dresses, so there was a lot of cape, frill and tail removing action going on during the catwalk. For the men we saw a great use of leather. Tinnah styling made very nice detached leather agbada pieces.

The entire collection was interesting. Have a look below;


AFWN_Tinnah Styling_1_360nobs

AFWN_Tinnah Styling_2_360nobs

AFWN_Tinnah Styling_3_360nobs

AFWN_Tinnah Styling_4_360nobs

AFWN_Tinnah Styling_5_360nobs

AFWN_Tinnah Styling_6_360nobs

AFWN_Tinnah Styling_7_360nobs

Tinnah Styling

tinnah styling (kd)

AFWN_Tinnah Styling_12_360nobs

AFWN_Tinnah Styling_14_360nobs

AFWN_Tinnah Styling_15_360nobs

AFWN_Tinnah Styling_16_360nobs

AFWN_Tinnah Styling_17_360nobs

AFWN_Tinnah Styling_19_360nobs

AFWN_Tinnah Styling_20_360nobs

AFWN_Tinnah Styling_21_360nobs

AFWN_Tinnah Styling_22_360nobs AFWN_Tinnah Styling_23_360nobs

AFWN_Tinnah Styling_24_360nobs

AFWN_Tinnah Styling_25_360nobs

AFWN_Tinnah Styling_26_360nobs AFWN_Tinnah Styling_27_360nobs

AFWN_Tinnah Styling_29_360nobs

Tinnah styling (EB)

AFWN_Tinnah Styling_30_360nobs


AFWN_Tinnah Styling_33_360nobs

AFWN_Tinnah Styling_35_360nobs

AFWN_Tinnah Styling_36_360nobs


AFWN_Tinnah Styling_38_360nobs

AFWN_Tinnah Styling_42_360nobs

AFWN_Tinnah Styling_43_360nobs

AFWN_Tinnah Styling_46_360nobs

AFWN_Tinnah Styling_52_360nobs

AFWN_Tinnah Styling_53_360nobs

AFWN_Tinnah Styling_54_360nobs

AFWN_Tinnah Styling_55_360nobs

AFWN_Tinnah Styling_57_360nobs AFWN_Tinnah Styling_59_360nobs

AFWN_Tinnah Styling_62_360nobs

AFWN_Tinnah Styling_68_360nobs

Images: Richy Anazia for 360nobs



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