#AFWN2016: Nipo Skin (Day 2)

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Nipo Skin is a fashion brand that operates in the city of Kumasi in the Ashanti region of Ghana. Its collection for the Africa Fashion Week Nigeria 2016, Day 2 was in conjunction with Daviva fabric.

The brand mirrors Ghana’s growing diversity and genuinely appeals to a myriad of demographics. Nipo skin seeks to serve the fashion needs of men and women of all colours, ages and incomes, all over the world and Nipo Skin has been able to achieve this by exporting Bespoke Pieces to its clients abroad.

For AFWN2016 he focused on a womenswear collection and it was truly outstanding as he got a standing ovation. The few pieces on the runway were neatly tailored, and well detailed. The designer included off shoulder dresses, mini dresses, and long dresses in the collection.

Different colors were used to make the entire collection more interesting. The dresses had balls, frills and fringes. The designer is definitely one to look out for.

Have a look at the full collection below;

Nipo Skin












Images: Richy Anazia for 360nobs



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