#AFWN2016 Day 2: Have a Look at the Red Carpet Arrivals

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Africa Fashion Week Nigeria (#AFWN2016 Day 2) started with the exhibitions of various fashion designers, at the Eko Hotel and Suites in Lagos.
For the day 2  there was a huge turn out of fashion enthusiasts, bloggers and personalities at the event. The red carpet was very colorful and filled with stylish people who came to slay!

Check out the red carpet arrivals at AFWN Day 2;

AFWN2016-Red Carpet-142-360nobs AFWN2016-Red Carpet-10-360nobs AFWN2016-Red Carpet-17-360nobs #AFWN2016 Day 2

AFWN2016-Red Carpet-120-360nobs AFWN2016-Red Carpet-118-360nobs AFWN2016-Red Carpet-117-360nobs #AFWN2016 Day 2 AFWN2016-Red Carpet-112-360nobs AFWN2016-Red Carpet-111-360nobs AFWN2016-Red Carpet-110-360nobs AFWN2016-Red Carpet-108-360nobs AFWN2016-Red Carpet-106-360nobs AFWN2016-Red Carpet-104-360nobs AFWN2016-Red Carpet-102-360nobs AFWN2016-Red Carpet-101-360nobs AFWN2016-Red Carpet-90-360nobs AFWN2016-Red Carpet-91-360nobs AFWN2016-Red Carpet-85-360nobs AFWN2016-Red Carpet-86-360nobs AFWN2016-Red Carpet-83-360nobs AFWN2016-Red Carpet-57-360nobs AFWN2016-Red Carpet-55-360nobs AFWN2016-Red Carpet-46-360nobs AFWN2016-Red Carpet-48-360nobs AFWN2016-Red Carpet-51-360nobs AFWN2016-Red Carpet-34-360nobs AFWN2016-Red Carpet-35-360nobs AFWN2016-Red Carpet-26-360nobs AFWN2016-Red Carpet-14-360nobs AFWN2016-Red Carpet-20-360nobs AFWN2016-Red Carpet-147-360nobs AFWN2016-Red Carpet-136-360nobs AFWN2016-Red Carpet-122-360nobs AFWN2016-Red Carpet-128-360nobs AFWN2016-Red Carpet-137-360nobs AFWN2016-Red Carpet-145-360nobs AFWN2016-Red Carpet-04-360nobs AFWN2016-Red Carpet-09-360nobs

Images: Richy Anazia by 360nobs



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