Abby’s Diary: The Finale #2 By Fiksionist

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This is the last episode of Abby’s Diary and I want to say a big thank you to all of you who made this awesome. To everyone that commented and encouraged me, God bless you and I love you so much. To all the ghost readers, I see you on 4D but thank you for always reading. LOL.

It is the end of Abby’s Diary but more amazing stories will continue! A lil something will come up this Friday.  

Please enjoy Abby’s Diary…for the last time.


The Fiksionist.

Dear Diary,

They said children are a gift from God; a blessing dumped on your laps after a 10 to 15 minute romp in the kitchen, bathtub or anywhere the passion had slain the lustful. I was torn between believing Jaiye was my blessing or a reminder of the past or just a test of my new faith in God.

The following weeks were filled with awkward silence and a need to fill the gap time had dealt us. It felt like living with a stranger who tried so hard to please. He wakes up in the morning and cleans the entire house, washes my clothes and tells me my food is delicious. I wish he could stop trying so hard to please me. Maybe he thought I would beat him like my mother or I will send him away. Who knows? I knew one thing though, I knew I would give this all I have got.

Cheta didn’t stop coming to the house. In fact, Jaiye really seems to like him and they play video games together anytime he comes around and then talk about Premier League. It is nice seeing them together. It is nice seeing Cheta but why do I feel the time isn’t right? Dear Diary, he seems like the man I have been waiting for all my life but why am I holding back? You see, the other day he said something that scared me.

“Maybe we could all go to Paris after Christmas and then come back.”


“Cheta I-“

“I know it is a little too soon to assume things but I think going away will be a good opportunity for Jaiye to bond with you.”

“Cheta I am trying to sort out things for a living and going with Jaiye will be expensive.”

He looked at me for a while. “You think I am rushing you abi?”

I looked away to avoid the truth my eyes could tell and as though he already sensed my response, he got up to leave. “Cheta please don’t go. Please.”

“Abigail you don’t want me to go and you don’t want me to stay. You are afraid I might be another mistake but I promise you..” He squatted before me and pulled my palm to his chest. “I promise you I will make you forget you were ever hurt. I am willing to wait till you are ready ‘cause I know Jaiye needs you now but I want you to know I am waiting.” He kissed my palm and left.

I didnt hear from him for about a week. I missed him, his adventurous tales about South Africa, his witty mind and the way he looks at me when he thinks I am not looking back.  But I don’t know if I am ready. Would it be wrong to make him wait?

At work, Mr. Vincent was already interviewing applicants who will fit my position and Zara was walking around, throwing orders at people with her usual nasty attitude. I couldn’t care less. I was buried in work when she came to my office with a fake smile plastered on her face.

“So I hear you are leaving.”

“You heard right.” I said and continued with my work but the fly would not leave. (Lord forgive me but you know if she wasn’t human, she willfit perfectly in the family of flies.)

“Awww. I am happy for you Abigail. I even heard you are following Cheta around like he is going to marry you.”

Shey you see how temptation sneaks up on you? “Zara what do you want?”

“Now that you asked I guess I will just make it clear. I want Cheta back.”

“You can have him if he will have you Zara.” I replied.

She laughed. “Cheta has been nominated for some sort of award as one of Nigeria’s top chefs 2015 and his career is booming! Like, who would he rather be on that stage with? A woman with a grown ass son and fat as a cow?”

I carefully tightened the lid over my anger mentally and then turned to her with my most charming smile. Or at least, I hoped it appeared charming enough to hide my emotions. “Zara you are angry because Cheta wants cow and not cow bone? Or you are angry that he is becoming the man you gave up on without your help? Cheta wants me and no amount of smoothie you take in a day to keep the fat away will change that. I am sorry you lost him Zara.” I tapped her hand across the table and looked at her red face, she looked like burnt tomatoes. Before I could say any other thing she got up and left the office, with her tail in between her bleached legs. I wish I didn’t have to do that to her but I guess Zara will never stop until we drew blood.


It was Ogama’s bridal shower and one of our mutual friends had insisted I come over. It was held in her god-mother’s home in Lekki Phase 1. The house was decorated in baby pink balloons and the dress code was white or pink. I took my sexy, chubby self there and made up my mind to sort things out with Ogama before leaving.

While I tried to look around, I saw Ogama giving instructions to a waiter. She looked divine in a white side cut out dress. Immediately she caught my eyes, she walked up to me and gave me a hug.

“ Ogama I just-“

“Shhhh.” She said “Let’s go somewhere we can talk.

She took me upstairs to tastefully furnished room and we settled into the big comfy bed. “Abigail I am such an ass. How did I think I would be able to go on without our friendship? I have missed you.”

Tears stung my eyes. “Ogama I will never ever do anything dumb like that ever again. I promise.”

We hugged and cried a little. Thank God she had a make-up artist. I told her about everything that had been going on in my life and she in turn divulged all the craziness she had experienced with wedding planners and exorbitant charges.

“In other news, Cheta misses you like crazy. He talks about you all the time.”

I smiled. “I miss him too but-“

“He told me you said you aint ready.”

I sighed. “Well, sort of.”

“Babes Cheta is a good man and he seems like the one. Take your time but don’t wait too long, okay?”

“I know.”

I smiled and we hugged again. I had missed her terribly and I was more than glad the drama between us was over.


Dear Diary, I have resigned from my job now and Mr. Vincent had offered me his house in Paris to stay for as long as I want. You will not believe he also helped in processing my papers and Jaiye’s. While I will be studying catering, Jaiye will be enrolled in a school to study French and Spanish but when we return he will go back to school to further his studies. He is elated and we both talk about Paris so much and often times, watch old French movies together for the fun of it. I am slowly falling more and more in love with my son and I see myself in him a lot these days. The apple doesn’t fall far from its tree, does it?

I wrote you these letters so that I could ease my pain and find my way through life and I am glad you were there and I have found myself albeit through the worst mistakes.

Yes, I know you want to know about me and Cheta. Well, he says he will wait for me to return from my 6 month vacation and I know he will. I know I like him a lot but abeg, make man rest for once. I need some time to see the world with my son and I want to enjoy every minute of it with no pressure.

Good bye Diary…Welcome Abby.



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  1. Thank you so much for sharing Abby’s Diary with us!! I really enjoyed every bit of it.

    Can’t wait for the next one you are sharing. XOXO

    #GhostReader signing out

  2. Awwwwww beautiful. Thanks a bunch for this story. Another Ghost reader who has been reading from day 1. (Covers face) ????

  3. Awwww wish we could go on and on. Tnx fiksionist for keeping us entertained. Looking forward to more of ur works

  4. Abby’s diary is the truth! Thanks Fik for the time In putting it together, God bless you loads.
    Ghost reader? Totally!

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