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Dear Abby’s Diary Fans,

This is 360nobs editor here. I want to apologize for the mixup. We sort of posted Episode #26 in place of #25. Please accept our apologies. Here is the original #25.

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Dear Diary,

I knew I was in a stranger’s bed the moment my mental alarm rang. I had the duvet over my face, dreading what I will see when I open my eyes. You see, the last time I was drunk and woke up in a stranger’s bed, I had slept with a married man and nursed I am still nursing a broken heart. I felt someone’s presence in the room so I pulled down the duvet, forcing my eyes open to see a little girl staring at me unwaveringly.

“Why are you in my daddy’s bed?” she asked revealing a set of small white teeth.

“Huh?” I said in a croak. I didn’t even trust my voice to say more because I was afraid my voice will scare the little girl away from telling me where I was. How long did I sleep? Did I sleep into my future and then give birth to this little girl?

“I said why are you in my daddy’s bed?”

I was about responding when I heard a familiar voice.

“Ovie what are you doing?”

“Daddy there is someone in your bed.” She said laughing.

The familiar voice walked in wearing brown sweat pants and a white tee, wiping his hands on a towel. When I looked up to see who the voice belonged to, it was Mr Toyota Corolla. Cheta. OMG! Abigail Idemudia you have done it again! Sigh. How did I get here for heaven’s sake? In short, for hell’s sake?! I pulled the duvet over my head slowly even though I knew his eyes had already caught mine. He scooped the little girl in his arms and she squealed in delight.

Come o, so what happened between me and Mr. Toyota Corolla? If we did, why am I still in my clothes?The little lady down there should feel somehow but it isn’t. My mind played this game until he pulled the duvet off me and the sunlight bathed me in its glory.

“Do you want to kill me with this sunlight?!” I said angrily.

“You would have been burning by now but ‘cause you aint that means you are not a vampire and you are not allergic to sun. Get up!” What is wrong with this one? Why is he angry? He walked away to turn on the AC. I tried to sit up in spite of the headache and searched for my phone with my eyes.

“I am charging it for you in the sitting room.” He said reading my mind. His hands were crossed and his eyes stayed on mine as though willing me to offer an explanation to something. I looked away when I couldn’t stand the stare.  It is either he looked way too yummy this morning or I was ovulating. Lawd help me.

“So you have a daughter?” I asked.


This baby mama thing is in vogue and who would have thought that Zara is a baby-mama but that is none of my business. “I need to leave. I don’t know how I got here and I don’t want to know how I got in your bed. Can I have my phone?”

“Are you freaking kidding me? You can’t remember what happened last night?”

“What happened last-“ My sentence was cut short as shards of last night tore into my memory. My heart stopped as I recollected Ogama’s engagement ring and the bile of envy that led me to pouring out spiteful words to Ogama, Cheta and Julius. I looked at him now and was about apologising but he sat next to me and wiped of the tiny drops of tears running down my cheeks. His hands smelt like curry but I was too overwhelmed to tell him I felt nauseated by it.

“Abigail I don’t know what you are going through but I know it must really hurt and you need to see someone before this- whatever this is- gets out of hand.”

I sobbed. “I am…I am so sorry.”

“It is okay. The sad news is that Ogama is so hurt and didn’t want you in the house so I brought you to mine and for the record, we didn’t have sex.”

Whew! I thanked my stars briefly but I was also wondering why Ogama will not allow me into the house when I also pay the rent. Maybe she was afraid she will stab me to death at night. That explanation is okay and if it were me, I will stab me too.

“What about Julius?” I asked wiping off the tears with my palm.

“He is with Ogama and I think he is not that mad at you.” He looked at me and held my hand. “Do you want to talk about it?”

“Can I brush first? I smell awful.”

He smiled and I could see the resemblance between him and the little girl.

As the hot water from the heater warmed my skin and eased my tense nerves, I tried to figure out a way out of my present situation. I was hurting internally and in turn shattering everyone’s lives. Was this really how I wanted to go down? By hurting everyone around me? I had to fix this. I had to fix me. I also had to resign from my job because I am so sure Zara is waiting to lynch me. It was going to take an eternity to explain to Ogama but I was willing to take the risk.

I finished from the shower and he had laid a white tee and denim shorts that looked like his on the bed with a plate of steaming chicken pepper soup on the side table. The aroma stirred my empty stomach. I hurriedly dressed up and settled on his comfy bed with my bowl of pepper soup. Mehn, this guy can cook for Africa!!! Best pepper-soup ever! Anyway, a few minutes later, he came in with my phone.

“You are a very good cook.”

“I see you enjoyed the soup. Thank you.” He said.

“No, I should say thank you…for everything.”

“It’s fine.” He said in the manner he said everything. Don’t ask me to explain what I mean by in the manner he said everything because me sef the guy’s unreadable expression tire me. “Why did you decide to help me in spite of everything I said to you and Zara last night.”

He sat at the edge of the bed and looked at me for a while before replying.

“ I don’t know. Maybe because I knew it was more than the alcohol and you needed someone to understand.”

“What about Zara? Are you both okay?”

“Okay? I don’t get.” He said with a raised brow.

“I mean…I thought you both are… like dating?”

He laughed. “Nah. Not really “

“Oh.” I wanted to ask more questioned but he didn’t seem ready to tell me the answers so I let it slide.

“So will you tell me what is going on with you?”

I didn’t know where to start from but I told him about Jake and everything Aura did and said to me. He didn’t say anything or interrupt me until I finished.

“Do you believe it was love?”

“Yeah…maybe not at first but maybe it was.”

He nodded. “You deserve happiness so let him go Abby. You have hurt enough.”

I smiled, trying to fight my tears and before I could say anything, he gave me the warmest hug ever. I cried and he rubbed my back, patiently waiting for me to get it together. When I finally did, he pulled away and smiled.

“Can I pray with you?”



Does this not remind you of that episode in Empire when Trai Bryers thought Jennifer Hudson was going to kiss him and she stretched her arms and asked to pray for him? This was a deja vu moment.


Of course I was not rude; I agreed to pray with him but prayer seemed alien to me and I tried to remember the last time I had prayed consciously or unconsciously. It even seemed weirder because I was seated before someone I considered a hunk and he wanted to pray. Awkward moment.

And Lawd, the hunk prayed! Not fire and brimstones but gentle words spoken in love to a Being I couldn’t see. I nodded in agreement to His words but my mind was far away in thoughts on how I could save me from myself.



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