7 Questions Prison Break Reboot Should Have Answers To

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You’ve probably heard by now that Prison Break is having a reboot and a lot of fans can’t wait to have brothers Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller) and Lincoln Burrows (Dominic Purcell) back on the screen after they took what initially seemed like a final bow in 2009 even though they went on to appear as brothers in the superhero television series, The Flash.

Other prisoners who escaped such as John Abruzzi (Peter Stormare) and Theodore ‘T-Bag’ Bagwell (Robert Knepper) got roles in Arrow which ensured that almost all of the Fox River Eight moved into superhero flicks.
Michael Scofield, Lincoln Burrows and the rest of the Fox River Eight that are still alive will most probably be returning to prison in the upcoming nine-episode Prison Break miniseries.

As the show is set to debut, here are 7 burning questions the reboot will have to answer.

Is There A Need For A Reboot?
Prison Break basically had closure. Scofield died to save Sarah who escaped prison and lived a normal life with her son. All the characters received closure which makes us wonder why there’s a need for a reboot. The truth is Prison Break has always been Scofield and the rest of the gang breaking in and out of prisons that were thought impenetrable and that is what the producers will continue to leverage on.

How Come Michael Scofield Didn’t Die?

The sequel series to Prison Break saw Michael get imprisoned in Morocco for reasons not well specified. More so, his survival in that particular series seemed not to be unknown which raises questions as to which way the reboot will go.

Will Sarah Be Fully Committed?


Sarah Wayne Callies who played the role of Dr. Sara Tancredi is committed to Colony, a television sure that will be returning for its season 2 early 2017 which brings up the question of how much she will be able to appear on the Prison Break Reboot. Her character is an important one given the fact that she is Scofield’s wife and mother of his child. It is left to be seen how much of sara we’d see on the new Prison Break.

Will Lincoln Be Able To Break His Brother Out?

We all know Michael is the brain while Lincoln is the brawn. With Michael probably behind bars, it is going to be entirely up to Lincoln to break him out. But does Lincoln have what it takes to facilitate Scofield’s escape? All through the initial series, especially season three, we all can see how much Lincoln needs Michael’s help for their breakouts and it is left to be seen if he will be able to do it all on his own.

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Will We Get A Reformed T-Bag?

T-Bag appeared in the Prison Break sequel after the initial series ended and went on to reenact his snarling psycho role in an episode of Breakout Kings- a short-lived series from the producers Prison Break. T-Bag’s character is one a lot of people hate and love in equal proportions because of his ability to switch from dark-hearted killer to reformed bad boy and back again, without losing the sinister streak that makes his character stand out. We however don’t know which version of T-Bag the reboot will give us, which begs the question of whether he will be reformed or worse off than we knew him.

Who is the President?

If our memory serves us well Paul Kellerman (Paul Adelstein) was a morally flexible man who covertly worked for the company. He had become a popular congressman in his final appearance who was taking a shot at the seat of the US president. Paul Adelstein has been confirmed for a reprised role in the reboot and it shouldn’t come as a surprise if he comes back as the president.

Who Else Will Be Back For The Breakout?


Sucre (Amaury Nolasco) has also been confirmed for a Prison Break return and his unavoidable loyalty to Scofield will hopefully continue. More so, C-Note (Rockmund Dunbar) will also be back in action. Are we likely to see William Fichtner’s character, Alex Mahone – the crooked federal agent who was always a step below Scofield back in the chase or on the side of the brothers? How about Lincoln’s son, LJ or Gretchen Morgan, the killer agent who was last seen behind bars? There are a lot of characters from the initial Prison Break that may end up making it back to the reboot.

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