5 Types Of Sex Tips You Should Never Adhere To

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The internet is full of different beneficial tips especially about sex. Loads of articles abound on what to do and what not to do when it comes to having the best sex life has to offer.

Unfortunately however, a lot of these pieces of advice are inane, with some as stupid as they come.

Here are 5 of the most baffling sex tips the internet has offered that you should never consider trying out.

Eat A Doughnut Off Him
For a number of reasons, doing this is totally on the wrong side. Why would you want to stick your man’s penis through a hole and eat flour spiced with sugar off his johnny? In case you’ve forgotten, his penis is not edible and the outer sugary layer of the doughnut can be of more harm than good. Even though you think eating a doughnut off him adds a new dimension to sex, it’s best you consider how you’re going to clean up especially if you both have sex later on.
The normal flora found in the vagina doesn’t do well in the presence of sugar and this may result in a severe bacterial or fungal infection later on.

The Yogurt Dream
Yogurt has a lot of beneficial purposes in both humans and animals. For one, they are partly made from bacteria and serve immense sexual purposes in animals such as mice. According to a study conducted at the Masachusetts Institute of Technology, the testicles of mice fed a yogurt diet were 5 percent bigger than those on a regular diet. As such, getting on a yogurt diet can be highly beneficial for your sex life but smearing it all over your body especially in and on private areas like the vagina, penis and armpit is gross to say the least.

The Ice cream Game
Ice cream can be employed in a lot of sexual games where you both can lick up the mess off your partner’s body. It’s a good one that a lot of people enjoy but doing so means you’d be licking and ingesting a lot of normal and pathogenic bacteria off your partner’s skin. If your immunity is low, you may well fall sick as a result of this. Think again if this game is worth playing.

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Peppered Nose
Some sexual articles advise sprinkling pepper right under your man’s nose before he reaches orgasm. They claim that the act of sneezing is akin to the feeling of reaching a climax and that doing the former can help to amplify the feel-good effect of an orgasm. This is one thing that is dangerous and you should stay off, especially if you consider the fact that the heart stops for a millisecond during a sneeze and potentially having pepper going the wrong way at that moment can spell disaster.
There are other better ways to turn things up and you should disregard this except you’re keen on appearing on 1000 ways to die.

Fork Flesh
Some people advocate pressing a fork firmly into different parts of their partners body such as the butt, thighs, chest and breast simply because they feel sex should involve a lot of stabbing with eating utensils. Some would prefer to draw blood while others get turned on by the markings created by these utensils. There are better ways to griddle and fiddle with each other without drawing blood. Exchange of body fluids can result in the transmission of one or more dangerous infectious diseases. You can have protected sex and still get infected through this way.

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