5 Television Deaths In 2016 That Shocked Everyone

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With half of the year 2016 gone, we can categorically say that it has been a good year for movies and television. One thing however that however stands out is the number of shocking deaths that have occurred to fan favourites and villains on television which has helped to keep audiences on their toes wondering what kind of surprises will happen next on their favourite shows. The number of surprising deaths that has happened on television this year only goes to show no character is safe. Check out a list of characters that gave way on some of our favourite television shows.

Hodor (Game of Thrones)

Hodor 1

The good part of Hodor’s death is that fans of Game of Thrones finally got to know how the gentle giant, Hodor got to speak only one word and got his name. The bad part however is that viewers got to know through one of the most heart wrenching ways. Viewers discovered that Hodor’s real name was Wylis and that Bran Stark formed a connection with the younger Wylis during one of his time travels. This showed the younger Wylis a vision of his own death as he served as a barricade against a horde of ravenous wights. This lead to the young Wylis collapsing on the floor, screaming the words “hold the door,” and viewers having nothing more to do than watch helplessly as the action moved from the younger Wylis to the older Hodor with “hold the door” becoming “hodor” and Hodor sacrificing his life to save Bran Stark.

Denise (The Walking Dead)

Denise - the walking dead

Merritt and who played the character Denise on one of the few horror flicks on television was a major fan favourites on The Walking Dead until her character was laid off this year. The Emmy-winner’s character took over as town doctor in Alexandria after the untimely demise of her predecessor and went on to get involved in a romantic relationship with Tara despite her fear of commitment and also survived a hostage situation with a captured wolf. Her death was painful in that when she finally appeared ready to fight for her life, she lost it cruelly through an arrow fired by a Dwight which pierced her eye and brain.

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Ziva David (NCIS)


Cote de Pablo portrays former Mossad officer and NCIS agent Ziva David on the television show. The show which is already in its 13th season, perhaps sits at the top of the most watched television drama and Ziva David is one of the most loved characters on the show. Cote de Pablo decided in 2014 to leave the show to pursue new interests mostly because she became bored with the character she played for 11 years. The producers had no choice than to wrap up her character’s storyline with what appears to be a painful sendoff. It felt extremely cruel to fans to find out that Ziva died offscreen in a missile attack on her family home.

Robin Hood (Once Upon a Time)


This fantasy television show which throws together folk legends, mythological characters and figures loved by all has been on for sometime. It however got more complicated in its fifth season which was surprising and painful to viewers. The character Robin Hood was portrayed by Sean Maguire who was mostly a recurring cast in the earlier seasons became a regular cast that unfortunately paid the ultimate price. But before then, he had to find out his pregnant Maid Marian was actually Zelena, the Wicked Witch of the West and that Hades (the Greek mythological king of the underworld) had threatened the life of his true love.this necessitated him to sacrifice his life to save her.

Ramsay Bolton (Game of Thrones)

Ramsay bolton

This death might not be that painful to viewers especially given the crave of Ramsay Bolton portrayed by Iwan Rheon sociopathic killings and sexual assaults. His character was one of the most evil on Game of Thrones, and quite a number of people were happy at his demise. With so much of the good guys dying on the show, Ramsay’s death was one to make viewers happy especially giving the fact that he goaded Jon Snow into war with their conflict leading to war in “Battle of the Bastards.” With luck on Jon snow’s side, he was able to get a face-to-face encounter with Ramsay who did all he could to avoid a physical fight by firing arrows at him. Ramsay however had it coming as he was beaten to a pulp and kept in a dungeon where he got a taste of his own pudding. His death was capped with the final indignity of being eaten alive by his own dogs on the order of Sansa Stark, the wife that he humiliated.




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