5 Grooming Tricks That Will Get Every Woman Falling For You

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One thing every man out there should realise is that you’re not simply going to gain the attention of a woman by just brushing your teeth, combing your hair and wearing basic clothes. Although all these are important, women are much more concerned about details than we care to know.

The impression a woman forms of you can be good or bad within seconds of knowing you. While different things catch the attention of different women, there are certain things that are universally true to almost every lady out there.

Check out these five grooming tricks that can catch any woman’s attention.

Your Face
And by your face, we mean your Nose, Ear, and Eyebrow Hair. A woman can be able to tell where your eyebrow hairs begin and end and keeping those stubborn hairs in place will do you a lot of good. This also extends to hairs that sprout stubbornly on other areas of your face including your ears and nose. A research published in women’s health magazine found out that women were more likely to start and sustain a conversation with a man that has terrible breath than with a man that has hair sprouting out of his nose.

As such, it’s best to keep the hairs of your eyebrows trim and well aligned. You can do this anytime you visit the barber’s shop. For ear and nose hairs, there are detailers which are similar to clippers and are handy in removing those hairs.

The mouth is a key area which women focus on and it is important for a number of reasons. Women will most times sit across you at a table or stare at you from an eye level. A research published in the journal of sexual medicine on what catches the eye of the opposite sex found that women tend to notice a smile first followed by the teeth of a man. Another research conducted at the university of Pittsburgh found that people tend to perceive people that smile often as being trustworthy and flashing your teeth can make her more comfortable.
To have sparkling white teeth that when smiling that will endear you to her, consider whitening your teeth with hydrogen Peroxide, baking soda or the use of banana peels. This helps to remove stains and give you a whiter teeth.

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Neck Hair
Another thing women notice quickly is when a man has a clean neckline. This is mostly because a lot of women are detailed when it comes to their own grooming and naturally extend it to a prospective partner. Having an overgrown neck hair can alter your look, making you appear scruffy. It is even more important to pay attention to this if you’re keeping an afro hairstyle.
If your neck hair is overgrown, it can naturally put women off which is why it is important you pay close attention if you’re keeping your hair. The thing to do is to tell your barber to pay attention to your neck while giving you a hair cut. You can also stop by in between haircuts for neck touch ups. This will help to give you a well-groomed appearance.

Your fragrance is important but shouldn’t be too much. Women tend to notice when you’re using too much of a particular product. Avoid strong-scented body soaps to avoid a whiff of the soap knocking her over. Instead, go for body soaps that are mildly scented or fragrance-free ones to get her wondering about you.

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One of the first form of physical contacts you’d have with people is through a handshake. This is why it is important that you keep your Fingernails well trimmed. No woman wants to hold the hands of a man that looks like he’s been scratching himself up with the amount of dirt underneath his nails. Visiting a nail salon will do you a lot of good. Manicures will get your nails and hand feeling warm, sparkling and attractive to the opposite sex.
While having a manicure, have the manicurist focus on your cuticles while giving you a clean and buffing treatment.



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