Webisode 33 Of Discovery With Glory Edozien: 4 Things I Learnt from Fela Durotoye on Purpose and Relationships

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Hello guys- Sorry for the radio silence…you know how it is! But we are back with more discoveries on life and love! Today’s video features 4 or more things Fela Durotoye taught me on purpose and relationships.

I learnt these lessons from Mr. Durotoye during during a recent TFD Mentoring Series, where he taught on finding your voice. I think many times we struggling with identifying our lives purpose because we approach it from ‘self’ point of view alone. What will I become, how much money will I earn, will people accept me? Meanwhile real purpose is found in solution providers. To hone in on your purpose you must approach it from a place of helping others, providing value and leveraging on your strengths.

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one of the learning points I’m still struggling with is the one on relationships (watch the video to the end to see why)…this idea that a woman must be responsible for everything…including birthing the purpose of her husband just seems a little overwhelming. But perhaps this is the problem with truth. It is always a little bitter to swallow. I’d really like to hear your thoughts, so please leave your comments in the comments section or send me an email on glory@inspiredbyglory.com



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