4 Things That Are Better Bought As ‘Fairly Used’

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We’ve all heard of the term ‘okrika’ or ‘fairly used’ in reference to clothes that have previously been worn and put out for say. As a matter of fact, Yaba, Vespa and Aswani markets in Lagos and Oil Mill market in Port Harcourt are good locations to obtain ‘okrika’ clothes in Nigeria. Asides from the fact that these clothes are cheap, some of them have actually not been worn and are simply old stocks that have been discarded by clothing stores.

Very few people however know that some clothes are better bought as fairly used than new because they get better with age and wear. Instead of having to wear some clothes for long, you could actually choose to get the used one and look better on them.

Some people choose to break the bank to get clothes that have a vintage style appearance instead of simply getting them at a cheap amount in ‘second-hand’ markets.

Here are four clothing items that have a timeless look when gotten as fairly used.

Denim Jackets

When denim jackets are gotten brand new, they retain their colour from production and are usually lacking in the vintage look. Washing and wearing them with time will cause them to scuff and fade which will in turn give the cloth the right denim look. Small tears and holes add to the coolness factor; armpit stains don’t. When you choose to buy from a secondhand market, try them on and ensure that the jacket stays about 2 to 3 inches below your waist. This is important because it gives you the appropriate timeless look that will get heads turning.
Ensure that the buttons in the denim Jacket are intact and there are no sweat stains on the armpit area. Also make sure that the buttons are intact and be on the lookout for any loose repair the denim might need. In all, the price would be much lower than getting a new one and your look will be timeless in it.

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Boots are not really the thing considering that it’s hot most times here but if you fall into the hippie category and love to wear Timberlands, then getting a fairly used one might be the way to go. This is because if they were manufactured 10 to 20 years back, they are probably meant to last longer since quality was not something manufacturers joked with then, unlike today.
Be on the lookout for quality uppers leather and soles that are minimally flattened. The amount you’d get them will be much lower than buying new ones and you’d be getting a better quality too. You should however avoid getting boots that look and appear very old. They might look cool on you but would be too fragile to stand the test of the new age.

Leather Shoes


The first thing you should look for when getting second hand shoes is proper fit. Check the condition of the leather and be on the lookout for fading and creases. Do a proper check of the shoe to ensure that smart market men have not dyed the shoe in a different colour from the one it came in originally. Check the soles for breaks and cuts and if all these are clear, you’ve got yourself a fairly-used shoe that you can be proud of.

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Vintage Watches
vinatge watch

To get the best fairly-used watches, you may have to resort to a modern tool- the internet. The value of quality watches usually increases with time and sites such as Jiji.ng, Efritin.com, Olx.com.ng, Craigslist and eBay offer good second hand watches. The good thing about some of these sites is that most accept returns but you should nonetheless be on the lookout for scammers.
The thing to be on the lookout for is discolouration, scratches and a classic dial. Weak leather straps, hooks and links can easily be replaced.



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