4 Characters That Will Likely Join The Third Season of The Flash

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If you’re a DC Comics fan, you’d probably love the Television series, The Flash. You actually many not even have read any of the comic books and still love the show which brings a number of villainous characters for the speedster to battle and save his universe. With Season 2 ending in June, it’s time to look at the heroes and villains that will be joining season 3 of the show.

Season 3 is expected to have our hero, Barry Allen go back in time to save his mother from dying which in turn creates a totally different ‘present day’ which results in chaos. One of the consequences of Barry’s actions is the creation of new heroes and villains in central city. As the flash returns later in the year, here are 4 Characters to expect in the new season of the show.
Doctor Polaris

In the comic books, different people have taken on the moniker of Doctor Polaris but that of Doctor Neil Emerson appears to be the most interesting. This may be because Emerson was a logical and calm person before his transformation into Doctor Polaris. This brought an immense change into his person as he became unstable, confused and angry making him a great villainous character.
The split personality disorder of Doctor Polaris would make a great addition to The Flash. His power of magnetism and his crazy attitude is one thing that will sure give The Flash a run for his money in season 3, if he is considered for television.
Another thing that will make Doctor Polaris a great addition to season 3 is that he will bring flexibility to the show and allow a villainous character that can appear in multiple episodes while also bringing formidable opposition to the good guys.


Anyone that is conversant with DC Comics will remember Clayface as a Batman villain but this character can most likely be a great addition to The Flash. The way Arrow and The Flash is set up, there is no end to the type of villainous characters that can appear on these comic shows that have been converted to television shows. Arrow has specifically taken Batman villains such as Ra’s al Ghul, Firefly, Dollmaker which makes it most likely that The Flash can also borrow Clayface to light up Central city. Clayface has the ability to change his size, shape and appearance which makes a lot of sense given the Meta-human vibe of the show.

More so, the ability of Clayface to disguise himself as other humans will make him perfect for the small screen and a great character for The Flash to tackle.

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Bart Allen

Bart allen

Bart Allen is one of the famous speedsters from the comic books. He is different from the others in that he is supposedly from the 30th century as opposed to other speedsters from the present or immediate past. What makes him more amazing is the fact that he also happens to be the grandson of Barry Allen, the present Flash.
Bart Allen is also known as impulse or the kid flash from the books and was brought to the present day to help find a cure for his superspeed ability that makes him age rapidly. If the television show opts to have Bart Allen turn up, it would be a good way to set the fun for explosive action in season 3.

Rag Doll

Rag Doll is one great character from the DC comic books that offers a lot of potentials for Season 3 of The Flash. The rogue character of the Rag Doll is one that has transformed over the years been that it has the potential to amass a cult follower ship while also posing threat to The Flash and his friends. Rag Doll is a master contortionist that has the ability to hypnotize everyone around him to do whatever he likes. His other strengths include being able to withstand beatings and violence done to him which will surely make him a handful if he appears in season 3 of The Flash.
In DC Comics, Rag Doll is able to use his charm to get people to do his bidding on the fictional streets of Starman’s Opal City. Bringing Rag Doll to Central City will bring a lot of fast-paced fun and excitement to the new season of The Flash.



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