#360StyleGuide: How to Select The Right Sunglasses For Your Face Shape

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Summer 16 has officially kicked off and there are a lot of valid reasons to get the right pair of sunglasses. Picking them isn’t so easy, especially when you don’t know the shape of your face.

We are breaking down the process today, making your shades selection process easier.

The first step to make your shades shopping stress free, whether you choose to shop online or in a store.

There are Four major face types – Round, Heart, Oval, Square.

Here’s everything you need to know about selecting the right shades below;

For Oval Faces


Oval faces are associated with well-balanced proportions that include high cheekbones, narrow forehead and gently curved jawline. Oval shaped faces look good with any kind of frame styles. So if you have an oval face, shopping for sunglasses should be easy for you.

For Round Faces 


Round faces are long and wide, and have few or no angles. The best sunglasses for a round face shape are styles that create an illusion of appearing longer and slimmer. Look for frames that are rectangular or square and be sure to avoid frames that are round to avoid looking plumper.

For Square Faces 

Sunglasses - Square Face_

A square face is normally defined as having a strong jaw line, a broad forehead and wide chin and cheekbones. Round and oval shapes work best on a square face to soften hard angles; try a cat eye or butterfly style but avoid any style that is too angular at the bottom.

For Heart Faces 


The heart face is characterized by having a wide forehead with a narrower chin and jaw line. A heart face also tends to have higher cheekbones. It’s best to look for frames that will offset the chin, such as aviator, square and rounded frames that are wider at the bottom.

Be sure to avoid top-heavy frames that add more width to the top part of your face.

We hope this helped.

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