3 Signs Your Dress Sense Is Old School

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A lot of us are stuck in the past especially when it comes to dressing. This however is not a bad thing as old school is the new cool. The problem that however lies with this is that the younger folks will laugh at us and this may make us feel old both inwardly and outwardly.

Inasmuch as fashion always seems to be changing, there are things we can do that can help us maintain a leveled head when it comes to keeping it real with our fashion sense and appearing in what is socially acceptable at every point in time.

If you’re keen about your appearance and you don’t want to be made fun of as someone who looks like a father when you’re just a young adult, avoid these three style crimes and be everyone’s favourite old school buddy in the new school.

Your Clothes Fit Wrongly


Wearing clothing that are oversized and very loose will make you look like a blast from the past. Moreover, shirts that are a size or two larger than you will make you look bigger and fatter which is something to avoid these days. It’s best to go for a shirt that is not too tight but fits you as this will make you appear presentable and in vogue.
Button-down shirts which snug on your shoulders and chest while fitting your entire upper body will leave enough room for you to move and cross your arms comfortably. If you choose to wear your shirt un-tucked, ensure that the hem is not curved. Straight hems will give you a modern fit while lying between your hips and butt.

Avoid Mixing Patterns


Mixing up patterns in your dressing is one style crime that can get people thinking you’re from the 20th century. Mixing patterned shirts and trousers is a very dangerous game that even celebrities find difficult to pull off. If you’re keen about going with old school patterns, be sure to keep your dress pattern in the same category. If you’re going to be making use of checkers, stick with it. Same goes for stripes and dots too. Avoid Mixing up patterns of different width and sizes as doing so is bound to give you a bogus appearance.

Furthermore, ensure that the colours of your patterned shirt and/or trousers are the same. Use the same colour scheme across all your outfits to obtain a well blended and evenly patterned colour and fit. You can also try blending and pairing up colours such as shades of gray and blue to give you a cool appearance.

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You Wear Athletic Shoes With Your Jeans
It is totally understandable if you choose to wear shoes that are comfortable with your jeans most especially when you’re going to the mall, park or any other casual and relaxed environment. The thing here however is that athletic shoes are meant for athletes or running and using them for something else will only make you look awkward. Instead of wearing shoes which are basically supposed to be used for running to casual events, simply go for simple and classy slippers or flip flops to complement your jeans especially if you feel uncomfortable on loafers.
More so, it is also important you take a critical look at your jeans as they can give you off as someone who is still stuck in the past. Go for modern denims and try the much you can to change your supply every 2 to 3 years. You can also opt for slightly faded jeans as they are in vogue but pay particular attention to tears at the hems and pockets. Ensure that you don’t keep wearing them when they have become very faded.



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