2016 Most Valuable Sports Teams: Dallas Cowboys Displace Real Madrid At The Top

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2016 Most Valuable Sports Teams

2016 Most Valuable Sports Teams – Real Madrid have been replaced by the Dallas Cowboys as the most valuable sports team in the world, according to Forbes.

Real Madrid have been ranked as the top team in all of sports for the past 3 years, but a 25% increase in the value of the Dallas Cowboys pushed their overall value to $4 billion and enough to leapfrog the European champions.

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The Dallas Cowboys are the first non-football team to top the list since it began in 2011, with Manchester United the only other team to lead the rankings. The Dallas Cowboys’ value rise has been helped by the growth of the NFL, who recently negotiated a $900 million TV deal with CBS and NBC.

Real Madrid also recorded a 12% increase in value, pushing their value to $3.65 billion. They are still the most valuable football club, and also boast the highest earning athlete in the world in Cristiano Ronaldo. See the full top 10 below.

  1. Dallas Cowboys – $4 billion
  2. Real Madrid – $3.65 billion
  3. Barcelona – $3.55 billion
  4. New York Yankees – $3.4 billion
  5.  Manchester United – $3.32 billion
  6.  New England Patriots – $3.2 billion
  7. New York Knicks – $3 billion
  8. Washington Redskins – $2.85 billion
  9.  New York Giants – $2.8 billion
  10.  Los Angeles Lakers – $2.7 billion




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