Zara Holland’s Nude Photographs Emerge After Being De-Crowned As Miss Great Britain

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zara holland

Zara Holland lost her crown after she was filmed having sex on live TV with Alex Bowen on ITV 2’s Love Island, Thursday, (June, 16).

Like being dethroned wasn’t enough, nude photographs of the model have emerged online and with it goes any chance at salvaging her image with the Miss Great Britain pageantry.

zara holland
Zara Holland lost her crown for having sex on live TV

The 20- year-old who was dethroned  after her sex-capade cried as she was informed that she had been stripped off her Miss Great Britain title for having sex on national television. An act seen by over a million viewers.

Zara was informed off camera of the pageant’s decision, DM reports.

Holland’s representatives said in a statement: “We are disappointed at Miss GB’s archaic views but respect their decision and will try not to lose any sleep over it!”

zara holand
Zara Holland expressed regret at having sex on the show

Zara Holland took blame for the pageant’s decision as it was her action that propelled the judgement to take her crown away.

Before the pageant released its statement to dethrone her, Holland regretted her actions and told her fellow housemates, “You know when you’re in the moment and it just happens. That’s really not like me at all. Why couldn’t we have just gone to sleep?”

Holland who said she is “so disappointed” at the turn of events has been replaced by runner-up Deone Robertson as the new Miss Great Britain.

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