Yeezy Does It! Kanye West’s ‘Secret’ Show Causes Chaos In New York

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Kanye West’s show caused chaos in Manhattan’s East Village, New York, early Monday, (June, 6) morning, as thousands of fans almost got stampeded to death racing to the ‘secret’ venue to watch Pablo perform.

The father-of-two was scheduled to headline the Governors Ball music festival but it was cancelled because of a torrential downpour. Rather than waste a great day or rather midnight, he decided to host a late-night secret concert in New York.

kanye west secret show ii
Kanye West wanted a secret show but the word got out

The event which was supposed to be a secret at Webster Hall had the street in Manhattan’s East Village clogged with thousands of fans who had swarmed to the Hall after rumors spread through social media that Yeezy would be performing there.

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Rapper, 2 Chainz, confirmed the venue after he posted a video online telling his followers there would be ‘good music’ (referring to Kanye’s record label G.O.O.D. Music) at Webster Hall at 2AM, causing thousands of desperate fans to rush to the place.

kanye west
Thousands of fans waiting for Kanye West at Webster Hall

Webster Hall officials had to cancel the event as it couldn’t contain the multitude of fans and had to call in dozens of police officers to disperse the hyped crowd.

Kanye also had to call for Mayor Bill de Blasio to ‘shut down the block’ after some fans kept chanting ‘Kanye’ and ‘Pablo’ while hanging out of windows, and climbing on top car roofs to get a better view.

kanye west
Police officials called to disperse the crowd waiting for Kanye West

One witness, Charles Talent, told press, that after reading the rumors of the secret venue on Twitter, he raced to Webster Hall and saw people being trampled o the before he eventually caught a glimpse of Kanye and his motorcade.

He said, “When I got there the line from Webster Hall wrapped around three blocks and it was eight deep. It was orderly but people started to get really pushy and, probably around 1am, people had just moved into the street. It was crazy.

There were some people getting trampled, people definitely falling on their knees and their friends helping them back up. Everyone was just so hyped and excited to get into this show.”

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kanye wet
After keeping fans waiting for ages, Kanye West finally ‘pops up’

Tallent added that after being asked to disperse Webster Hall, he moved few blocks away and spotted a black Mercedes-Benz and several black SUVs.

He admitted to thinking it was the rapper’s entourage but after Kanye West popped out of the sunroof, “that’s when everybody lost their s***.”

At least, no lives were lost.

kanye west a
Yeezy does it! Fans showing Kanye West love

Only Kanye can pull such a crowd.

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