Wilmots: Criticism Cannot Affect Me, Only Death Can

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Belgium head coach, Marc Wilmots is defiant in the face of criticism, stating only death can affect him.

Following a 2-0 loss to Italy in their opening game, Belgium were criticised, with reports suggesting a dressing room rift. Belgium replied the critics with an emphatic 3-0 win over Ireland.

And Wilmots has unloaded his frustration at how glowing remarks for his team were reversed.

“After four years of success, when we get criticism and those four years disappear. It’s manipulating the people, giving them the wrong idea,” he said.

“We have great players and have done well. But I live with criticism. Apart from death, I don’t know anything else that can affect me.

“I’m 47, I enjoy my job and wanted to put these kids on the right path. I’m not interested in negative things. People who criticise don’t interest me. They’ll never be happy in life.”

After a lacklustre showing against Italy, Romelu Lukaku struck twice against Ireland, sprinting towards the dugout to celebrate his first with his coach and team-mates.

“Unity is very important,” continued Wilmots. “We win and lose together. With Romelu, we wanted to give him some confidence.

“I think he’s scored four goals in four matches but then he misses the chance against Italy, and people view him differently.

“I just had to explain things to him and make it clear that I trusted him. He was very good today. I want him to run hard for 70 minutes and if he gave me that, with his movement and work, I’m happy.”



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