The Thrilla In Manila And More: Watch Muhammad Ali’s Greatest Fights

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Muhammad Ali

Watch Muhammad Ali’s Greatest Fights- The sporting world is in mourning as one of the world’s greatest ever sportsmen, Muhammad Ali, has passed on.

Watch Muhammad Ali's Greatest Fights
Watch Muhammad Ali’s Greatest Fights

Ali, nicknamed himself as the greatest, a name which he lived up to in and out of the ring. Watch a highlight of his greatest fights below!

1.  Muhammad Ali versus Joe Frazier Part 3: Nicknamed The Thrilla in Manila after where the fight took place, Ali versus Frazier is regarded as the greatest boxing match of all time. Ali started out dominant, but Frazier caught up in the middle rounds, setting the stage for an epic finale. Ali was able to regain momentum, and beat Frazier so bad he didn’t come out for the 15th round.

2. Muhammad Ali versus Joe Frazier Part 1: The first time Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier met was one of the most defining matches of Ali’s career. Frazier made Ali pay for his mistakes, once almost shocking the world by knocking Ali to the ground. Frazier won the match eventually on a unanimous decision.

3. Muhammad versus George Foreman: Muhammad Ali took on a red hot George Foreman in Kinshaha in 1974, with Foreman the favored after recording 38 knock out wins in his last 40 games. Ali showed his trademark speed and dancing however, and knocked Foreman out in 8.

4. Muhammad Ali versus Ernie Shavers: At 35, a career of prime heavyweight boxing had already begun to take its toll on Ali’s body. However, Ali was able to survive 15 rounds of Shavers’ heavy punching, and won the match on decision.

5. Muhammad Ali versus Cleveland Williams: One of his best performances in a ring, Ali dispatched the Big Cat with ease, knocking him out in 3 rounds.

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