Waka Flocka Finally Admits To Cheating On Tammy Rivera

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waka flocka

Waka Flocka has finally confessed to cheating on his ex-wife Tammy Rivera despite denying the allegation numerous times.

The rapper fessed up after he was cornered when a fan asked him if he had ever cheated on the ‘Love And Hip Hop Atlanta’ star.

“Did you stay faithful to your wife while y’all were married?.” The fan asked. Flocka answered the fan first with “Stay of my page”.

Then he admitted to philandering, “And no I wasn’t faithful and I regret everything I’ve done to Tammy.”

The rapper went on to add, “I pray the most high give me strength to be a better husband and role model… People like you make me smile everyday Thank You.. P.S. I notice your insecurities…”

waka flocka
Waka Flocka fesses up to cheating on Tammy Rivera

Waka Flocka and Tammy Rivera got married in 2014 and separated in early June claiming ‘differences’

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Prior to their separation, several women came forward with claims they had slept with the rapper and the VH1 star defended her man saying he never cheated.

After their separation, Waka Flocka wrote, “Me and Tammy just grew apart. Nobody cheated, nobody’s mad at nobody. We just grew to our differences.”

Just as Tammy shared a post on Instagram stating the couple didn’t separate due to ‘anyone’.

She wrote, “Y’all listen and please listen clear! I will not speak on this situation again… Me and Waka separation had nothing to do with ANYONE! Waka did not leave me for ANYONE lol. We made a mutual decision that we needed to separate.”

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Flocka’s confession definitely changes things as she defended him in public now she has to face the public, again.

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