Vimbai Mutinhiri Talks Relationships, Star Gist, Feminism and More As She Covers Blanck Lite Magazine

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Vimbai Mutinhiri is a Zimbabwean TV Presenter, actress and producer. She is giving major black girl magic on the cover of Blanck Lite Magazine.

Vimbai recently left her two of her major shows – Star gist and Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards. She gives an insight to her new projects, talks about her relationship status and a lot more in her interview with Blanck Lite Magazine.

She spots really chic hairstyles and a very interesting coat of many colors in the editorial shoot.


Read some excerpts form the magazine and more pictures below;

Ending “StarGist”: I will miss the StarGist show; it was such a major part of my life but I’m at peace that it’s ending, I think it’s had a great run. I came on board as a presenter, and grabbed the reigns when it we decided to relocate the show to Nigeria. After four years, I felt like the show was getting stale and I was actually getting bored with it; I needed a new challenge; I needed reinvention.

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Moving “StarGist” production crew from South Africa to Nigeria: There is nothing easy about moving a production from one country to another, so it was definitely the biggest career challenge I ever faced and it came at the very start of my career as well. I had to overcome so many factors – from running a business with a million dollar turn over per annum in a new space, to making a daily entertainment news show produced in Nigeria and delivered to SA a viable production. I look back at it now and I can’t believe how I was able to lead the team to do the impossible.


On her next project: I have just finished producing my own reality travel series called Miss Vimbai Travels and it is a dream come true! I travel the world with my favourite celebs and try new things! My favourite cities currently are definitely Dar Es Salaam and Cape Town! They have the best food and fantastic beaches.


Keeping her life private and avoiding drama: I have made a choice to lead a very private life. I come from a very high profile family, and so I am aware that what I put out in the public will not only affect me – but it will affect their public images directly too. I’m human, I make mistakes and I get into trouble – but I have built a very tight knit circle around me and we manage things internally. I want to be known for my work, and my cricket gets that and respects it.

When asked to rate herself as a feminist on a scale of 1 to 10: I’d say a 7. I think that women have the same capabilities as men and don’t need to be treated specially or differently. We just need to know our position as women and claim it. Women’s Rights are wonderful, but I feel like we often fuel our inferiority. We need to talk less about claiming out rights and do more to foster the attitude that will get more women to go out and pursue what is rightfully theirs.


On her Relationship status: My man is in the public eye, and I adore him. He is my biggest fan and just wants me to be amazing! He is supportive and prayerful, and I am sure with time you will see us together publicly. That’s all I can say for now!”


While answering the magazine’s “100 Questions” segment, she describes the death of her fiance as the saddest event that shocked her world. See some of her answers from the one hundred questions segment below:

  • Beyoncé or Rihanna? Both
  • Water or soda? Water all day every day, I hate fizzy drinks
  • What’s your favourite travel destination? Zanzibar, Tanzania
  • Which country do you wish to visit? Japan
  • What two items must we find on your bag? Business cards and lipstick
  • Men or Clothes? Man – in the singular
  • Worst date ever…I went on a date with this guy who burped through dinner. Horrible
  • Oldest item in your closets…Belts from my mom
  • Best movie till date…Waiting to Exhale
  • What age did you first have sex? Really? I was old enough o
  • To fly, walk or swim? Depends where I am going – but probably to swim
  • What super powers do you wish you had? The power to read minds
  • Hardest thing you’ve ever done? Starting my own business
  • Have you ever had a crush on your best friend’s boyfriend?Totally!! It was so uncomfortable because he liked me too.
  • Have you ever left the house pant-less? All the time. The breeze is necessary
  • Do you miss your first love? I do actually!!!! I would totally go back there
  • Can you manage a snoring partner? Oh my goodness, I could never
  • Do you fart in front of people? Yes, close people
  • Do you smoke? I quit ages ago
  • What’s the worst line a guy can ever use for a girl? I think there is something wrong with my phone, it doesn’t have your number in it
  • At what age did you get your first kiss? 12
  • Do you have a spouse? Yes, I do
  • How often do you lie? Probably a couple of times a month
  • The saddest event that shocked your world? I have so many of these, but probably when my fiancé died
  • To smoke, drink or have sex? A glass of champagne is my joy
  • What is the stupidest thing you’ve ever done? I’ve done so many of these – but probably every time I have chosen a guy/relationship over my career and it didn’t turn out to be worth it.








Cover Shoot Credits:
Interview & Creative Direction
: Franka Chiedu | Instagram: @fasindi;@blanckdigital
: Ryan Bater | Instagram: @ryanbaterstudio ;
Make Up
: Bunmi Ogedengbe (NeonVelvet) | Instagram: @neonvelvet ;
: Ihunna Eberendu (ithestylist) | Instagram: @ihunnamatata ;
Assistant: Joshua Street | Instagram: @joshuaferdinandstreet



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