USA: Democrats Call For The Removal Of FDA Blood Donation Ban On Gay And Bisexual Men

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The United States Food and Drug Administration had in the past, prohibited gay and bisexual men from donating blood. Their reason was due to the high risk men of the LGBT community have to contract HIV.

In December, however, Obama’s administration looked into the policy, and allowed gay men donate blood under one condition – that they’ve been celibate for 12 months at least.

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Following the recent tragic Orlando shooting that had LGBTQ rights activists angry over the fact that bisexual and gay men were being turned away from donor lines at a crucial time of need, where 49 people were murdered and over 50 were injured, congressional gay rights advocates are coming up with a plan to request that the White House take away the long-standing ban.

The vice chair of the House LGBT Equality Caucus, Rep. Mike Quigley, is slated to draft a letter to FDA Commissioner Robert Califf, with the request for a reversal of the ban which they are calling discriminatory and outdated.

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Supporting Quigley are fellow lawmakers Sen. Elizabeth WarrenTammy Baldwin, Tom Harkin, and Rep. Barbara Lee.

On Monday a statement will be released and a press conference on Tuesday would follow, outside the Capitol.


Meanwhile, today is World Blood Donor Day. Donate blood, save a life.

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