Uche Jombo Educates Olori Wuraola Over Gender Equality

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Uche Jombo Educates Olori Wuraola Over Gender Equality – Actress Uche Jumbo has called out Olori Wuraola Ogunwusi of Ile-Ile over her gender equality comments.

Uche Jombo Educates Olori Wuraola Over Gender Equality
Uche Jombo Educates Olori Wuraola Over Gender Equality

Olori Wuraola had been speaking at the Emerging Women’s Forum in Maryland, USA, where she said men and women can’t be equal because each had its pivotal roles to play in life.

Jombo didn’t quite agree with Her Highness, and took to Instagram to tell what exactly she felt was gender equality. She wrote on her Instagram:

“Dear Olori, The reason you can hold a microphone and speak in public rather than at the backyard of the palace cooking jollof rice while your husband travels the world, is because of women like you who fought for us to live life and enjoy it equally like anyone else.”

“Please see below a summary of what the fight for gender equality is about:
**If I work for 3 hours and a man works for 3 hours, we both deserve to get paid the same
**A woman can now decide that, Marriage shall mean Partnership, Friendship, companionship as well as Passion; not slavery
**I am not better, wiser, stronger, more intelligent, or more responsible than a man. Likewise, I am never less
**If a man’s virginity cannot be tested on the wedding night, mine shouldn’t be tested as well
**Because my husband has authority in my home does not make me inferior. We are both equal in essence and worth. Our responsibilities are just different
**It means that my character/behaviour is solely guided by my principles not by society’s expectation of how I “should” behave
**It means that I can wear a crown too! Ask Queen Elizabeth

“Your Royal Highness, do not be deceived, your belief in this revolution has absolutely no bearing in its movement. Stand tall, behind the king, watch as more women understand this concept, watch as they break the glass ceiling, reaching straight for the moon… and beyond…in their Louboutins. FYI let’s not mistake gender roles for gender equality. I believe she was clearly talking about roles / responsibilities as a woman hence my repost about learning the right meaning of Gender equality.”

What do you think? Whose side are you on?




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  1. Olori should have read about the concept and meaning of gender equality, she mistaken it with roles of women, the person that wrote the script for her is wicked and if she did this herself she will need her husband to hire her a publist. I think this lady is educated? she need to speak like one or just sit beside her king looking pretty, she does not have to give a public speech. Chai.

  2. A gender role is a set of societal norms dictating what types of behaviours are generally considered acceptable, appropriate, or desirable for a person based on their actual or perceived sex or sexuality while gender inequality refers to unequal treatment or perceptions of individuals based on their gender; this arises from differences in socially constructed gender roles. The Olori has obviously mistaken the two concepts in her speech. As women we should champion the course for the achievement of gender equality, more so reputable and royal personalities should, because it will provide a society that is less men dominated and a better thriving space for our daughters if not for us, just as the great women before us did. If we do not speak up we cannot find help, it is our action that will attract supporters who might just be the only help we need to achieve our aim in the shortest possible time.
    Dear Olori, if highly placed women like you used every or most opportunities they have to speak on the rights of women we will garner more supporters ; other women will get aware of their rights and join in the movement and your husbands will support you thereby increasing the number of noble and reputable men supporting the movement. Uche Jombo as always has not disappointed us in her reply. Since no one gets paid for being a woman then it is totally inappropriate for any woman to be paid less than a man with whom she works under the same working conditions.

  3. Uche Jumbo all the way! Olori Wuraola needs to learn public speaking indeed! That talk she gave was awful! Eniolorunda your comment is spot on!

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