The Official Launch of Tunde Owolabi’s Ethnik at Araba’s Cafe in Lagos (Photos)

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Tunde Owolabi, Creative Director of Ethnik, a Sunday, 29th  May 2016 marked a new dawn for his contemporary urban fashion brand as he unveiled Ethnik’s new collection at chic patisserie Araba’s Cafe.

The event played host to an exciting guest list which consisted of socialites, stylists, fashion editors, bloggers, fashion illustrators and fashion aficionados. Guests were treated to cocktails and canapes while shopping unique pieces from the various collections of the brand.

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Ethnik which is designed and created by Tunde Owolabi; a renowned multi-dimensional Artist, presents a new voice for the fashion forward individual who is interested in creative ways of blending cultural fabrics specifically aso-oke with contemporary designs.

Tunde started designing his line of handmade unisex shoes (sneakers, sandals, slippers, loafers), belts and laptop bags with no formal design experience, he just had an idea which started with his sneakers of creating something different using celebrated and cultural handwoven fabric, Aso-Oke. Ethink’s aso-oke designs are all uniquely hand woven and sourced from Oyo state, where the fabric originated from – all aso-oke designs are based on old methods.  He consistently looks for new ways to improve on the products and designs, which is admirable especially in a country where producing locally is expensive.

Ethnik pieces can be worn with anything – that’s the beauty of these pieces.

“This is what keeps me up at night. I am glad we are beginning to embrace our own. It is my desire that people feel like they are wearing a work of art; a collector’s item” – Tunde Owolabi, Creative Director; Ethnik.

See pictures of faces from the Ethnik’s launch and products

Event_Ethnik's Launch_050_360nobs
Tunde Owolabi, Photographer and Owner of Ethnik
Event_Ethnik's Launch_045_360nobs
Elma Godwin
Event_Ethnik's Launch_049_360nobs
Remi Adetiba
Event_Ethnik's Launch_047_360nobs
Kemi Adetiba showing off her Ethnik shoes
Event_Ethnik's Launch_023_360nobs
Tunde Owolabi and Chef Fregz


Event_Ethnik's Launch_024_360nobs
Bolanle Olukanni and Tunde Owolabi
Event_Ethnik's Launch_026_360nobs
Tunde Owolabi and Lolo
Tonia Soares of 360NoBS with Tunde Owolabi

Event_Ethnik's Launch_019_360nobs

Event_Ethnik's Launch_027_360nobs

Event_Ethnik's Launch_028_360nobs Event_Ethnik's Launch_029_360nobs

Ethnik-D3S_0018-360nobs Event_Ethnik's Launch_030_360nobs Event_Ethnik's Launch_031_360nobs

Folk/Soul artist Falana with Tunde Owolabi

Event_Ethnik's Launch_033_360nobs

Event_Ethnik's Launch_069_360nobs

Event_Ethnik's Launch_039_360nobs

Event_Ethnik's Launch_041_360nobs Event_Ethnik's Launch_042_360nobs Event_Ethnik's Launch_044_360nobs Event_Ethnik's Launch_048_360nobs Event_Ethnik's Launch_052_360nobs Event_Ethnik's Launch_053_360nobs

Event_Ethnik's Launch_059_360nobs Event_Ethnik's Launch_054_360nobs Event_Ethnik's Launch_055_360nobs Event_Ethnik's Launch_057_360nobs Event_Ethnik's Launch_058_360nobs Event_Ethnik's Launch_061_360nobs Event_Ethnik's Launch_065_360nobs Event_Ethnik's Launch_068_360nobs Event_Ethnik's Launch_070_360nobs Event_Ethnik's Launch_072_360nobs Event_Ethnik's Launch_073_360nobs

This event was proudly sponsored by Araba’s Cafe, Absolut Vodka, Mania Magazine,The Bobby Taylor Company, Belinda Otas and Simply Green Juice.

For more information, visit or follow @tundeowolabistudios_ on instagram.


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