Smoking Love: Man Sets Wife Ablaze In Edo

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Man Sets Wife Ablaze In Edo – A woman in Edo state has been hospitalized after being set ablaze by her husband.

Man Sets Wife Ablaze In Edo
Man Sets Wife Ablaze In Edo

According to the woman, their quarrel had started after he had refused to attend her husband’s burial. Even after the burial, the disagreement continued between the couple, and came to a head on Saturday.

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The woman, whose name is Margeret, said her husband had promised to teach her a lesson after the disagreement.  “We had a quarrel and my husband was telling me he will teach me a lesson. After the quarrel, I sat on the chair and my husband was gazing towards one direction.

“He later stood up, brought petrol and wanted to pour it on me. I immediately held the container and we were dragging it while I was shouting for help from neighbours.

“Before I knew it, he turned the petrol in a bucket, poured it on me and lit a matchstick. It was my neighbour who rushed into our apartment that put off the fire on me with water.”



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