Photos From The SME100 Nigeria Business Lunch With Uzoma Dozie

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On Friday the 24th of June, 2016 at Otres Restaurant, Mr. Uzoma Dozie- C.E.O Diamond Bank was an honored guest at the SME100 Nigeria.

As part of its commitment to supporting and empowering SMEs across Nigeria, SME100 Nigeria presented another edition of the SME100 Business Lunch. This special edition saw Mr. Uzoma Dozie speaking on the topic: “The Age of Digital Disruption; Leveraging Technology for Business Growth’’.

The participants of the Business Lunch learned about the benefits of adopting innovative technology solutions in their various businesses. In addition, they were taught on how to leverage technological solutions for business growth and expansion. It was an opportunity to meet and network with other enterprising and vibrant entrepreneurs.

Below are photos from the event:

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