Secret Service Agent Gives Details Of How Bill Clinton And Monica Lewinsky Were Caught Having Sex On Oval Office Desk

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How Bill Clinton And Monica Lewinsky Were Caught Having Sex On Oval Office Desk

Gary Byrne was a Secret Service officer who stood guard outside Bill Clinton’s Oval Office, known to be the final obstacle to anyone who wanted access to the President.

Byrne describes Monica Lewinsky as a woman who was relentless in her pursuit of the President.

‘What (if anything) she did all day as an intern mystified me. Some days she seemingly had nothing better to do than play I Spy the President’, Gary Byrne reveals in his controversial book Crisis of Character: A White House Secret Service Officer Discloses His Firsthand Experience with Hillary, Bill, and How They Operate. The book is to be published on June.28 by Center Street Books.

‘Monica hung around us batting her eyes until she overheard the president’s position or direction of travel, then bolted to maneuver into his path. She lived for even his passing glance.

‘I’m just here to use the bathroom; You mean I have to walk all the way around?; They asked me to deliver something here; I’m just here to see a friend’; were only a few – some of Monica’s antics.

 bryneGary Byrne writes that what he saw when he was assigned to stand guard outside Bill Clinton’s Oval Office ‘sickened him’

Whenever Monica saw Byrne, she would try sneaking in through other offices and corridors. It was the only way she knew to get to Clinton.

All staff of the Secret Service assigned to the White House had come across Clinton and Monica ’embracing, making out, or on the Oval Office Desk’.

Monica did everything she could to catch the president’s eye, including wearing short dresses.

On a particular occasion, Clinton saw her, Bryne writes that ‘she turned back to ensure she had his attention – and flipped up her black-and-white print dress to reveal her blue thong’.

Clinton laughed replied, ‘Hey, there!’

During a particular weekend, Bill was alone in the Oval Office. Monica showed up carrying some news articles and his morning briefings. Byrne was not impressed as Clinton already got his briefings, hence he drove Monica away. But Bill stepped out and inquired if someone had shown up with files for him.

Byrne lied, ‘no’. Unknown to him, Monica went through Roosevelt Room and made a call to the President, telling him she failed in her plans to reach the Oval Office.

She was, as Bryne noted, had access to actually direct-dial the President without having to go through anyone, including security.

‘The president had provided Monica Lewinsky with access to his direct line’.

monica lewinsky

She had the ‘secret number’ to reach him– ‘so secret that it required not only a four-digit pass code but a rhythmically coded one’.

‘You had to depress keys for a specific length of time and there were precise pauses between numbers.’

When Byrne got tired of the affair, he spoke to the Deputy Chief of Staff Evelyn Lieberman, requesting that Monica be moved to another wing.

‘I believe I have your – the administration’s – best interest in mind’, he told Lieberman.

Monica was transferred to the East Executive Building the next day and it had no access to the West Wing where the oval office was. She was put as a Social Office intern under Hillary.

On whether Hilary knew what was going on, Bryne said:

‘I do believe Mrs. Clinton knew of the affairs, but how did she feel about an affair with someone of her own daughter’s age? And in the Oval Office? In plain sight of us? Still, I don’t think she knew of Monica.’

However Byrne’s plan to see Lewinsky away from the Oval Office of Monica didn’t work. A few says later, she returned with a new pass. ‘Look, I have a blue one now,’ she told Byrne. This meant she was now a paid presidential staff.

‘Now the situation was even worse,’ Byrne lamented. He didn’t think the women were the problem. Clinton was the problem, he writes.

The affair was later on exposed when Monica spoke to her confidante, Linda Tripp. She confessed that she had given oral sex to the president as he spoke on the phone with ambassadors and other dignitaries. Telling Tripp of a semen-stained blue dress still in her possession.

monica lewinsky‘The staff kept aiding and abetting her and the president wanted her there,’ Byrne says.

‘President Clinton paid for a White House mistress with taxpayer funds and jeopardized national security with her compromising and corruptible presence in a secure area, all for little more than on-demand oral sex.

‘We thought we knew what was going on. We didn’t know the half of it.

‘Had I never recommended that Monica needed to leave, Monica would have never met Linda.’

And we would never have learned about the blue dress.’

The rest as they say, is history.



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