5 Times Rihanna Left Us Awestruck In Gorgeous Prints

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When it comes to fashion (and everything else to be honest), Rihanna is second to none, she is one star that is good at ALL things.

On any given day, Riri is either delivering eclectic style,  introducing a daring new trend or styling an old trend in a different way and making it look effortless.

There is hardly a time she doesn’t slay in jaw-dropping outfits while buzzing around the planet making music, movies, and fashion happenings like it ain’t nothing. Either she is up and about, on stage, making appearances, or on holiday – she just enjoys being herself – badgirl riri.

Rihanna is one star that can rock an entire wardrobe of prints, from head-to-toe and still leave us awestruck. Recently, she wore a Gucci lace dress with nothing but a pair of high waisted knickers and still looked awesome.  Be it sneakers, socks, sunglasses, lipstick, anything Rihanna touches/wears turns to a platinum hit.  She is a brand’s dream girl and a designer’s perfect muse.

Take a look at all the times she killed it fashionably in prints – paisley, floral, abstract, fauna, you name it she has worn it. One thing though is she is very feminine when it comes to selecting prints.  They are typically brightly coloured.  Rihanna – the 21st century fashion queen, we hail thee.






Images: eonline.com, marieclaire.com

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