“This Is The Result Of Hollywood”, Lindsay Lohan Blames Hollywood For Anton Yelchin’s Death

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Lindsay Lohan is blaming Hollywood for the death of Anton Yelchin.

The Star Trek actor who played the role of Pavel Chekov died on Sunday morning , (June, 19) after being pinned between his Grand Cherokee Jeep and a mailbox pillar.

The 27-year-old was pronounced dead at the scene.

lindsay lohan
Lindsay Lohan is blaming Hollywood for Anton Yelchin’s death

Lohan wrote an obscure message on Instagram blaming Hollywood for the young actor’s death.

This is the result of #hollywood a beautiful life has come to an end.. A brilliant actor and a loving friend. Surround your life with good people and know who your #true #friends are my prayers and love goes out to Anton’s family #anton соболезнование семье и близким this breaks my heart.

He was my friend I am so sorry to Anton’s father. – Lindsay Lohan

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Opinions on the conspiracy theory include:

  •  thunderstruk612 –  This lady is on drugs , why the fuck blame Hollywood. It was the jeeps fault” and another hinting,
  • errington_bound – Illuminati sacrifice. It’s mind boggling how people haven’t figured it out.
  • cindyblindy – It was actually the Jeep..NOT Hollywood. JS.
  • errington_bound – you actually believe that? Yes a vehicle did cause his death but it’s a set up. He’s a blood sacrifice for satanic Hollywood. Lindsay knows what she is talking about.
  • toolsfornails – Sad that she has to used this terrible fact to be in the headlines again, seems she doesn’t know what respect is.

The Parent’s Trap actress’ subtle hint at mystery surrounding Yoachin’s death has caused some to worry if Lohan has a point or is just another star fueling an age old debate of blood sacrifice in Hollywood.

Know something we don’t? Please don’t be obscure Lindsay Lohan, spill it already.

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