How To Pull Out Of A Horrible Date Without Coming Off As Rude

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When going out for a date, it’s best to go in with an open mind and have a backup plan in the event that things go awry.

This is because the person you are most likely going out on a first date with may appear normal but could turn out to be a crazy person.

Here are subtle and guaranteed tips of pulling out from a horrible date without offending the person you’re out with.

Wait Till You’ve Placed An Order
OK. You’re sure you want to back out of the date the moment you walked into the mall or restaurant to meet up with them. If you choose to turn around, chances are your date will take note of what you’re about to do and you will appear ridiculous. Obviously, you’ve taken a quick glimpse at your date and you just want to back out. Doing so is rude even if you feel there’s no form of physical attraction between you both. After all, you did get attracted to them in the first place for you to agree to a date with them. You can stay and place an order and see how it goes before deciding to leave, can’t you?

Tell Them You Don’t Feel Well

The best time to tell your date you don’t feel well is after you’ve had a few bites of the meal you ordered at a restaurant or when you’ve watched the movie you booked to see at the cinemas for some minutes. You can let your date know that you’re not feeling good and that the food or movie just made you feel more nauseous. Your date may think you’re unbelievable but you can always apologise and tell them that you’d love to avoid any untoward situation.

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Say You Forgot About Something Important
You can simply take a peek at your phone and exclaim “Oh! I completely forgot to _____. My neighbour just reminded me. Sorry, but I have to leave now.” You can offer to pay for the outing and take your leave. There’s no need to allow them convince you to reschedule the date, it’s best to tell them you’d keep in touch.

Work Needs You
You can tell your date that there’s a task only you are assigned to and you have to get it done since there’s a deadline the next day. This helps to take the blame away from you especially since it is work related. You can also apologise while telling them the task will likely earn you your bosses’ approval or promotion at work.

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Set up A Time Frame
If within the first few minutes you decide that you want to leave early, tell them you only have little time to spare. You can say “I’m sorry I won’t be spending more than 30 minutes. I forgot I had a prior commitment and I didn’t want to cancel.” You may sound forgetful but it is a polite way of getting yourself out of a date while making them feel you wanted to stay.

Get Your Friends To Gatecrash
If all the options fail to work, place a call across to your friends and have them crash your date. Your date probably won’t know and you can always appear innocent of what your friends are doing.



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