#PrisonBreak: Robot Escapes Lab In Russia, Dashes Away To Freedom

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A robot in Russia made a dash for freedom after escaping a science lab in Russia where it caused a bit of traffic after spending more than half an hour on a busy road.

The Robot made its jail break from Promobot laboratories in Perm where scientists had been teaching the machine to move around on its own, only for it to break free and escape the lab after an engineer forgot to lock a gate.


Reports confirmed the robot made its way to a nearby street after covering a distance of about 50m (164ft), stopping after it’s battery had died out.

A video was posted online by an eyewitness which depicted the machine standing in the middle of the road with a policeman controlling traffic while guarding the humanoid device.

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Soon, a human who is assumed to be an engineer from Promobot, the company that developed the machine is seen wheeling the robot off the road.

Russian media have received double impressions regarding the robot’s prison break as citizens aren’t totally convinced the humanoid device accidentally escaped. The developing company is being accused of using the escape theory as a ploy to draw attention to its creation of robots.


Promobot claims its machines can interact with humans, for example by answering questions and giving directions though the name of the company suggests it robots’ primary purpose is to broadcast promotional audio messages via built-in loudspeakers.

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What’s your take? Did the robot make a prison break or is it just a ploy for attention by Promobot?

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