Princess Vitarah Releases An Anti-Aristo Single; Tell Your Husband

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Princess Vitarah of the Nigerian Pussy fame has taken a turn from the raunchy type of music she spewed in her first single to rap about cheating married men in Tell Your Husband.

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In Tell Your Husband, Princess Vitarah raps about how married men popularly known as aristos or magas keep chasing her though she she wants nothing to do with them. She therefore warns the poor wives of those husbands to tell their husbands to stay away.

The video just like Nigerian Pussy is a low budget video where Vitarah struts her stuff on an empty street with the help of a few individuals as backup. In this video, she wears a red bodycon dress with yellow gele. The video was shot and edited by Giovanni Ferlito.

Speaking about the inspiration behind the song, Vitarah explained that after the success of Nigerian Pussy, she had a lot of boys/men sending her raunchy messages on social media.



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