Paul Pogba – “I Want To Be Zidane And Ronaldinho Combined”

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Paul Pogba – “I Want To Be Zidane And Ronaldinho Combined” – Juventus’ star midfielder Paul Pogba has spoken of his desire to become what he calls the “new midfielder.”

Paul Pogba - "I Want To Be Zidane And Ronaldinho Combined"
Paul Pogba – “I Want To Be Zidane And Ronaldinho Combined”

In an interview with ESPN, the former Manchester United star revealed that he wanted to be a combination of all the great midfielders: Zidane, Ronaldinho, Iniesta and more. Pogba also spoke about learning from two great midfielders in Paul Scholes and Andrea Pirlo, and adjusting to a tougher Serie A.

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Excerpts from the interview below.

ESPN: You’ve said you want to create, or be, the new midfielder. What does “the new midfielder” mean?

PP: Doing everything: defend, attack, score, give assists, tackle, win back the ball. Be a leader on the field.

ESPN: A box-to-box midfielder, with a bit of Zidane added?

PP: [laughs] Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Messi, everyone. Iniesta.

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ESPN: Really? You’re serious?

PP: I’m serious. All players rolled into one: from defensive midfielder to attacking midfielder to attacker. I want to take the qualities from everyone. I’d like to get to the level where I have everything: Vieira, Deschamps, Zidane, Ronaldinho, Henry, Ronaldo. It wouldn’t be bad, that. I’ve already scored goals, given decisive passes, won back balls. It’s really just about raising the level.



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