Oscar Pistorius Finally Opens Up On How He Shot His Girlfriend

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Oscar Pistorius, in his first-ever television interview, finally reveals details of what happened on the night he brutally murder his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp.

The disgraced Olympian finally opened up on how he shot and kill Reeva in an interview with U.K.-based network ITV.

The 29-year-old gold medalist was charged with murdering his girlfriend in his South Africa home on Valentine’s Day 2013, after he shot and killed her. His claims were that he mistook her for an intruder breaking in.

“I did take Reeva’s life and I have to live with that,” he confessed on camera. “I can smell the blood. I can feel the warmness of it on my hands. And to know that that’s your fault, that that’s what you’ve done.”

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“And I understand the pain people feel, that loved her and miss her. I feel that same pain. I feel that same hate for myself. I feel that same difficulty in understanding this,” he told ITV .”And I look back and I think, I always think – how did this possibly happen? I think, how could this have happened? How could this have happened?”

He said he felt shock after firing the gun in the bathroom accidentally at Reeva who was also the same age as he was. He said immediately he shot her, he went back to the bed looking for her, but could not find her.

oscar pistorius
Pistorius emotional at the interview as he recalls how he killed his girlfriend

“I get down to the floor and I can’t feel her,” he said. “So I start pulling everything apart and I start saying like, ‘Reeva, Reeva, Reeva’ and I’m like pulling my hand and I’m on my stumps now still, I was like pulling my hand across the curtain. Thinking like ‘Lord please tell me she’s hiding behind the curtains.’ And I get to the end of the curtains and my heart just sinks.”

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“I’m screaming now for Reeva and just start screaming, ‘Jesus please god, please please please just don’t let this be what I think it is,’” he said. “I need to get in this toilet to see if it’s Re. And if she’s not answering why isn’t she answering me, is she scared? Is she ok? So I ran back to the room down the passage to get the cricket bat and I start smashing down this door. I reach into the door to open the lock from the inside and I realize the key isn’t there. And I punch, I take one of the planks that’s now lose and I rip it out and then I can see Reeva is on the floor.”

“I just see blood and it’s just blood everywhere. It’s just blood everywhere… So much blood. And I don’t know what to do,” he continued, crying. “I try and pick her up. I’m trying to pick her up but there’s so much blood I can’t stand up. And I thought Reeva had started breathing, so I had my fingers in her mouth and I was trying to give her mouth to mouth, but there was so much blood.”

Pistrorius was released from prison in 2015 and placed under house arrest since. A supreme court in South Africa overturned the culpable homicide charge to a murder charge.

Thokozile Masipa, the judge handling the case is going to announce Pistorius’ new sentence on July 6.



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