Nigerian Writer Wole Soyinka Inspired Faith47’s Recent Mural in Cleveland, Ohio

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Nigerian Writer Wole Soyinka Inspired Faith47’s Recent Mural

“The mural draws symbolic inspiration from his written work Language as a Boundary, which looks at language as a lived phenomenon, with its dualistic function of providing necessary cultural self affirmation on an individualistic and cultural level, yet simultaneously acting as one of the key factors in embedding the separatist definition in social consciousness, further solidifying colonial boundaries and obstructing the humanist search for a common understanding,” says Faith47, an internationally-acclaimed visual artist from South Africa.


The wall forms part of Faith47’s ongoing series, The Psychic Power of Animals, which brings the energy of nature back into urban metropoles across the USA, softening the harsh city architecture with the gracefulness and spirit-like presence of the swans.

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