Lil Wayne Blacks Out Twice Following Double Seizure On His Private Jet

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Lil Wayne blacked out twice, Monday, (June, 13) while flying from Wisconsin to California causing his private jet to make an emergency landing, twice, in Omaha, Nebraska.


Reports confirmed the 33-year-old who is said to be epileptic suffered a first seizure and blacked out forcing the pilot to make an emergency landing in Nebraska. Wayne became alert before paramedics got to him at the airstrip.

The New Orleans native refused medical treatment and insisted on getting back into his plane but as the pilot took off a second time, Wayne suffered another two-minute seizure in the air causing the pilot to make another emergency landing at the same airport.

Lil Wayne was treated on the plane after which he was taken to a nearby hospital.

A source from Lil Wayne’s camp disclosed, “It’s more of a history of him having seizures more than it is him partying and drinking and doing things that would trigger a seizure. He’s been very open and upfront about his seizures and has been suffering from those types of episodes since he was a kid. But when he got out of the hospital, he vowed to be more careful.”

The source added, “Wayne was extremely ‘scared’ for his life. He’s young and a lot of people depend on him so it was important for him to keep a brave face but deep down, he was scared. That was a case of him being neglectful toward his health.”


Lil Wayne said he has suffered seizures since childhood and they weren’t occurring due to his ‘hard partying’ lifestyle.

Taking it slow in the party department would definitely help.

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