Kevin Hart And James Corden Roast Each Other On ‘Drop The Mic’ Rap Battle

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kevin hart

Kevin Hart might be short but his strength actually comes from knowing no one can make him feel small. And that was why when it was time to go head to head or maybe chest to head with James Corden on Drop The Mic rap battle, Hart was ready, and so was Corden.

Kevin urged Corden to not get nervous at which the carpool karaoke host asked Hart “do I look nervous?”

Corden began the battle with “Where is he? I found you Kevin Hart. There are no small actors but you’re all small parts. You’re adorable, look at this guy, you are so little when you smoke weed you get junior high. Get hard, ride along, ride along two, you are great at being in movies with people more famous than you. You might Think Like a Man, but you’re built like a boy”.

kevin hart
James Corden roasted Hart on Drop the Mic

Like calling the Central Intelligence actor a ‘boy’ wasn’t enough, Corden rubbed salt to injury by offering the 36-year-old a stool to stand on to enrage the comedian, which sort of worked as Kevin said, “You get that out moof face.”

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Kevin who must be used to people mocking his height by now seeing as that’s literally his source of income – his short height that is, replied Corden hard.

He started by querying Corden, “so we are going to take it there huh?”, then he began his own roasting of Corden, “James Corden thinks I look like a kid, I might be small but pie bank accounts BIG”, he added, “I’m not playing, you will be homeless soon. Carpool Karaoke, how long that last? How do you rap with your head up Lin-Manuel’s ass?.”

kevin hart
Kevin Hart knows he’s short and it doesn’t bother him

The banter went back and forth with Corden insulting Hart for not being Chris Rock and Hart dissing Corden for not being Ricky Gervais.

Watch Kevin Hart and James Corden go head to head at each other.

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