Kao Denero Signs With UnderDaRock Entertainment

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Amara Denis Turay known as Kao Denero is a Hip-Hop artist that has become well-known throughout West Africa.

He is one of the most well-known artists from Sierra Leone, and has also been called the “King of Freetown”, after a successful album of the same title was released by him. His December 2015 concert in Moyamba, Sierra Leone National Stadium saw close to 40,000 fans in attendance.

Watch Kao Denero x Itribe Hakuna Matata – Official video

Hakuna Mata was released in March 2016 

UnderDaRock Ent is excited to bring Kao Denero onboard. He is clearly super talented, one of the biggest rapper from Africa and loved in his hometown of Sierra Leone.

“I grew up as a Hip Hop head and that’s what Kao Denero is so the chemistry is already deep. My goal is to help Kao expand beyond his present fan base which is already strong and take the world by storm” said Don Cos Canino of UnderDaRock Entertainment.

Kao Denero 'King of Freetown'
Kao Denero ‘King of Freetown’

UnderDaRock Ent
UnderDaRock Entertainment division consists of UDR Media, UDR Management and UDR Records. The company is putting a firm foot forward in the Afro-beats and International music market through UnderDaRock Entertainment. Intended to grow and develop young African and International talents, in an age where such development is sorely lacking.

For media relations, bookings, interviews, appearances please contact us via:

Email: underdarockent@gmail.com | Nigeria: +234 909 453 7231| U.K: + 44 7568 591 322 | U.S: + 1347 200 2509

Social Media: Instagram: @Kaodenerobuffcase @UnderDaRock @udrmedia

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