Judge Seals Prince’s Estates From Would-Be Heirs

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Prince’s death has seen many come forward with claims of being related to the late singer after the 57 year-old’s lifeless body was found in his Paisley Park elevator by two of his staff members on April 21.

Carver County Judge Kevin Eide sealed affidavits being filed by people who have come forward with claims of being the late singer’s heirs.

The Minnesota Judge also issued an order to seal all responses from Bremer Trust which is managing the late icon’s estates.

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The order was issued on protocols observed by the Trust prior to another hearing scheduled for next week Monday, (June, 27) due to the “confidential nature” of circumstances regarding the rightful heirs and will remain sealed till further notice.

Since the Purple singer died of an accidental drug overdose at his Paisley Park compound in suburban Minneapolis and no will has emerged, there has been a total number of fifteen people with the right to share in a piece of the Prince’s pie.

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Note to self. If you are rich and famous, draw up a will to avoid drama after your demise.

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