It’s Not Bra Force! Highschool Teen Stages Protest After School Forces Her To Wear A Bra

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I’ve always wondered on the origins of brassieres as I really do not like to wear one myself but unlike this teenager, I didn’t protest.

Kaitlyn Juvik, a graduating student of Helena High School was called into her administrators office on May 25, just a week before graduating and was informed she was in violation of the school’s dress code for not wearing a bra.

After deciding that brassieres were too restrictive and uncomfortable, she stopped wearing one and had been attending classes without a bra for over a year though she was wearing nipple stickers beneath a dark and loose off-the-shoulder T-shirt on that particular day.

She told People, “I was told that a male teacher had complained he was uncomfortable because I wasn’t wearing a bra, and I was told to find something to cover up with. When I left the office, I was so upset that I posted a picture of what I was wearing on Facebook, telling everyone, ‘If any of you are curious, this is the shirt I was wearing when I was called out.’ I most definitely wasn’t wearing anything against the dress code.”

Kaitlyn posted what she was wearing
Kaitlyn posted what she was wearing

The 18-year-old who has graduated from the school became an internet sensation after one of her friends created the Facebook page “No Bra, No Problem,” to support Kaitlyn and she was dubbed “Kaitlyn the Braless Warrior.”

On May 27, over three-hundred female students of Helena High protested by going braless to school and several male students also showed their support by wearing bras over their shirts.

Kaitlyn is now speaking up against the stereotype attached to women and bra-wearing.

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She said, “Boys always get the excuse about their hormones, that ‘boys will be boys. but instead, perhaps people should start teaching boys not to sexualize women’s bodies. Wearing a bra is a personal choice. It’s my body. Why is it anybody else’s business whether I’m wearing a bra, especially when I’m covered up and dressed appropriately?”

A 17 male student, Samuel Tinsley, felt the urge to support Kaitlyn because, “Every male who is for equality and fighting for what is right should step out of the shadows. I thought that the administration falsely dress-coding her and telling her to cover up was an inappropriate and immature request. because the outfit was no problem. When I heard they were trying to impose on Kaitlyn’s self expression, it really irritated me. By making her change or go home to put on appropriate clothing, they’re basically saying that a boy’s education is more important than hers.”

On a real though, who created bras as I would love to ask them, “Please, why did you invent an item women would rather do without?” Maybe if there were no bras, women would love their breasts and all its natural glory whether saggy or perky without fear of being breast-shamed.

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