I’ll Sign The Papers But I Have To Rap First! Nick Cannon Drops Bars On Mariah Carey Divorce

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nick cannon

Nick Cannon has released a new song titled “Divorce Papers” which debuted on music sharing site Sound Cloud where he spent four minutes rapping and ranting in tribute to the grand finale of his failed marriage with Mariah Carey, his health which almost cost his life twice and his child visitation rights.

It was earlier reported the TV host refused to sign the divorce papers and set his ex free for almost a whole year despite being the one who issued for the divorce in the first place.

nick cannon
Nick Cannon raps about divorcing Mariah Carey

Cannon filed for divorce in December 2014 after he separated from Mariah Carey in August the same year.

Nick Cannon said he’s using his music to set the record straight against rumors circling that he still has the hots for Mariah and will do anything to ensure she doesn’t tie the knot with her billionaire fiance, James Packer, according to DM.

In a four-minute lyrical expose which the 33-year-old shared on his social media accounts, Cannon finally agreed to sign the divorce papers.

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Cannon finally said the only words Mariah really cared about in his four minute rant, “F*** it, I’ll sign these papers.”

nick cannon
Nick Cannon rapped about almost dying twice

Nick dropped lines about the social media vitriol he had received after the news made rounds he was refusing to sign the divorce papers while explaining that his father’s death was one of the reasons he hadn’t signed the papers yet. “They don’t realize my pop just died.”

He also talked about his health, “Almost died twice myself, but f*** my health.”  He’s doing better now

Cannon who loves his children five-year-old twins Monroe and Moroccan rapped about his child visitation rights, “What we really need to think about is how a child deals, how a child feels, because we got two,” Cannon rapped, “It’s f***ed up that the time that you spend with your own kids is called visitation”

Mariah Carey must be elated as she’s getting ready to wed her Australian billionaire fiance, James Packer, whom she said “Yes” to in January.

Finally, she can move on and be Mrs Mariah Carey Packer. Thanks Cannon.

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