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Do you Have any Skills? What are you good at that can make you Money? This is an exciting time for Skilled Nigerians who are passionate about their gifts and willing to work to get paid! If you are like me and have discovered your passions and made skills of them, you are definitely looking to express yourself more and more, working with people who require your skills.

SkillSearch is the new web platform where people with jobs meet people with skills and people with skills get opportunities to work, all within the easy-to-use interface of skillsearch.com.ng

Yesterday as I maneuvered the site I thought to myself how so fast employers of skills have taken advantage of the simple end to end connection that skillsearch offers and I must tell you now, I am more than excited to see how this helps Nigerians especially in this time where more and more people are understanding the power we have as humans to make a living doing what we naturally love to do.

Right now there are open Jobs for Makeup Artist, Models, Personal Assistants, Tailors, Web Developers, Drivers and many more! So if you have job opportunities for skilled persons, or you have skills you would like to exchange for a profit, SkillSearch might be a good place to start. Try it now, It is quick, easy and Free! I have just signed up as a Writer, you never know where the next Job request might come from! Stay open minded.



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