Have a Peek at Our Best Beauty Looks From Mocheddah

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Mocheddah is a Nigerian rapper, singer and fashionista. In as much as she kills it in the fashion scene her beauty looks have stolen the shine this time.

99% of her beauty looks are done by her and we can’t get over how great she is with her makeup. She really surprised everyone when she did her own makeup during the promo shoot for her song survive. And the poses she gave us were editorial-worthy!!

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For her beauty looks, her go-to is nude eye-shadow, matte lips and perfect glow. She isn’t selfish with her beauty secrets and how she gets her glow.

She constantly shares tutorials on her Instagram page and snap-chat account. And we feel that it’s time she got her own Youtube Channel.

Check some of our favorite looks below;

Mocheddah Miskay Boutique
This time she let Anita Brows do her Make-up
Mocheddah Makeup
When she rocked braids and Henna || Makeup by her
Part of the pictures from Survive Promo. || Makeup by Mocheddah
Mocheddah in aso-ebi || Makeup and Gele by Her
Signature Mocheddah Finish
This lovely shot by Tope Horpload || Makeup by her
Mocheddah Bangs Tutorial
She made DIY bangs & the red lipstick was everything
Mocheddah headwraps
Mocheddah’s Headwrap & Makeup by her
This time she used her contour powder as Lipstick
Look at her glow in this picture
She finally switches up her eye-shadow. || Makeup & Gele by Mocheddah

Have a peep at this video of her sharing a tutorial via Instagram below;

So guys that's it!!! This is my go to makeup look. I get all my make up from @cosmeticsgallerylekki

A video posted by Mo (@mocheddah) on

Instagram: Via Mocheddah



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