#HAIRspiration: 5 Times Yagazie Emezi Gave us Afro Goals

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Yagazie Emezi is a Documentary Photographer, Vlogger & Cartoonist.

Yagazie rocks her natural hair almost all the time and she just gives everyone HAIRspiration.

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Ms. Emezi has been growing her hair for over 12 years and she explained how her hair is stubborn and how she has already gotten used to it. Via different series on her Vlog she has also said she doesn’t do too much to keep it that way.

She also said in one of her recent vlogs, that the hair that best suits you is your God given hair. Well she gets no arguments in that department.

Check out five times she gave us major Afro goals;

Yagazie Emezi

Yagazie Emezi

hairspiration_Yagazie Emezi_Yagazie 4_360nobs

hairspiration_Yagazie Emezi_Yagazie 5_360nobs

hairspiration_Yagazie Emezi_Yagazie1_360nobs

Images: Yagazie Emezi via Instagram , Tumblr 



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