Governor Umaru Jibrilla Bindow : Another Vindication

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When Governor Umar Jibrilla Bindow prioritized road construction and creation of more drainages, little did critics know the rationale and vision of the people’s Governor. Water, like war, can always find a way, anywhere and anyhow if not given its way and can, like a volcanic eruption, take its victims unawares, resulting into loss of properties and sometimes lives!

In the pictures here, one can see the plight of those in Yolde Pate and Ganye Local Government Area as well as other areas of the State not mentioned here. It is like the proverbial “water-water everywhere with little to drink” .

Therefore, we can see the need for what Governor Bindow is doing in terms of road construction and creation of drainages which his critics tagged as a misplacement of priority. Quiet the contrary, it has a direct bearing on our survival as a people who live in an organised arrangement. Make no mistake!

With the apparent threat for flood disaster in and around Yola, need I restate the effectiveness of Governor Bindow’s stewardship to the people of the State as it relates to security of lives and property?

Is it not time for his critics to lower their heads in shame and silently walk out through the back door. We must as patriotic citizens give Governor Bindow a benefit of doubt and encourage his government to do more rather than the ongoing media campaign to pull him down.


Abdulrahman Njidda Yebbi


King is a writer and guitarist. He is an opinionated, multi talented individual with love for music and everything it concerns

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