#GameOfThrones Season 6 Episode 8: All And More You Need To Know

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The eight episode of #GameOfThrones laid to rest a lot of fan theories and injected some new life into the show.

Arya’s Heading Home
Theories pertaining to Arya Stark and the Waif being the same person were laid to rest in this episode. Arya was careless and sloppy in the previous episode as she talked about going back to Westeros, flaunting money in the open which allowed the Waif in the form of an old woman to creep up to her and stab her. The Waif chase after murdering the Actress, Lady Crane was straight out of a horror movie. The Waif was menacing and terrifying as she pursued Arya through busy streets into an enclosure. Arya however got a chance to redeem herself by fighting with the Waif in pitch darkness and slicing off her face which she added to the hall of the “many faced gods”. She capped it off by telling Jaqen that “A girl is Arya Stark of Winterfell and I am going home.”

Daenerys Gets Back In Time
Varys finally left Meereen with a mention that he was on a mission to Westeros. What could he be up to? To meet Euron Greyjoy to get the ships Daenerys needs to get the crown?
The storyline from Tyrion’s perspective seems to have been dragged for a while. After agreeing to what seemed like a truce with the slave masters, it was obvious that everything will come crashing down in no time. The cost of his mistake finally came to the fore as he attempted to get Missandei and Grey Worm to tell jokes, only to find out that Meereen was about to get destroyed.
The dragon queen however arrived in time riding Drogon to see the cost of Tyrion’s failure. It however remains to be seen if she will be able to save the day.

Trial By Combat
Cersei Lannister got a rude shock from her son, king Tommen who having already aligned the crown with the faith, abolished the famous “trial by combat”. The implication of this is that we won’t be seeing the mountain in action anytime soon. There’s however a bright side for Cersei fans as she had her trusted confidante Qyburn which some fan theories believe could involve something with wildfire. Time will tell what this will metamorphose into.

Clegane And The Brotherhood
That fight referred to in the books between the brothers Clegane (the Hound) and The Mountain will likely not happen soon especially with Clegane joining up with the Brotherhood and abolishment of trial by combat by King Tommen. The Hound reunited with Beric Dondarrion and Thoros of Myr and much is left to be seen where the union is headed.

Jaime And The Blackfish
Jaime returned to his old self of seasons one and two before his capture even though his soft side was still evident in the way he allowed Brienne to keep the Oathkeeper sword and telling her he hoped the two of them won’t have to fight. He even went on later to allow her and Pod- the squire to later escape unharmed even though he ruthlessly professed his undying love for Cersei by saying the same words from the very first episode of season one “the things we do for love,” when he pushed Bran Stark off the tower.

Jaime gracefully used Edmure Tully to end the siege on the Riverrun castle even as the Blackfish strangely died off-screen. There may still be some speculations regarding if he’s alive or not.

Brienne did not succeed in convincing The Blackfish and ultimately did not get an army for Sansa Stark. With the end of the siege, will Jaime just head on home? Will Arya reunite with Sansa and Jon on her way to Winterfell and what do the Brotherhood without banners have in store? failed to get an army for Sansa and Jaime’s… just going to head back home now? Your guess is as good as mine that there’s more to be seen in the remaining two episodes of this season.



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